Another Carpet Question

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Another Carpet Question

I think We might be getting ripped off with the ordering part of the carpet..and Hardwood as well. The room sizes I gave them I rounded up and I think they rounded up some more...How many extra inches do you want when you are cutting the carpet? Here are the room deminsions: Bedroom 1, 11.7 by 12.8, bedroom 2 9.11 by 10, bedroom 3 13.6 by 10.7, living room 13.5 by 13.8, downstairs den 23 by 16.1, and for the upstairs hallway and dining room we are getting hard wood which is 3.3 by 20.4, and the dining room is 11.10 by 11.9. So For the wood, I rounded 21 by 4, and then 12 by 12..That should be enough wood, right? That is 228 sq. feet. THe box of wood comes in 21 sq. feet a box..They said I needed 13 boxes which equals 273 feet as opposed to 228 feet. So in acuality I only need 11 boxes. Now the carpet Can't you just unroll the thing and cut what you need? Does it have to be rounded numbers instead of like 10 feet 6 inches? Cause if you can do that, then I'm definately getting gipped. I dont think I need my rooms measured by an extra foot. They wrote on the sheet 12 by 14 for the living room... 12 by 37 for the three bedrooms, and 12 by 33 for the downstairs den...Is there a certain size carpet comes in? At another place they said I need 12 by 38 for the bedrooms and 12 by 34 for the den...Any help woudl be appreciated.
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The industry standard for first quality wood is to take the total number of square feet and add an extra 5% for cuts and waste. Then, divide by the number of square feet in a box and round up to the next box for total number of boxes. If there are no unusual circumstances in rooms which require unusual cuts or laying out of floor in diagonal or other unusual pattern, then 5% extra should do the job.

Carpet is not so straight forward. If you selected a weave that has a pattern, such as olefin, extra carpet has to be calculated for the pattern match. Carpet width must also be taken into consideration. For instance, you chose a carpet with no pattern that needs to be matched, then extra carpet may have to be ordered for fill pieces. Carpet usually comes in 12' and 15' (sometimes 13'6") widths. Ideally, the fewer seams and fill pieces are better. Thus, buying a 15' wide carpet may eliminate or minimize seams in rooms, but may provide you with greater leftover carpet. Usually, a 3" cut allowance is also allowed.

If you do not feel comfortable with the company that came to measure, please call another one with whom you feel more comfortable. Have them explain to you about what widths the carpet comes in, how many seams there will be, where they will be placed, which way the nap will run, as well as how much salvage there will be. Usually, a professional retailer will provide you with a copy of the carpet layout showing you seam placement. In addition to using seaming tape, a pro will also use a seam sealer to assure that seams do not separate. And, you will want to purchase the best carpet cushion you can afford and the correct thickness and weight for the type of carpet selected. The 'free' cushion with purchase of carpet offers should be reconsidered.

There is a wealth of info about carpet at the Carpet Rug Institute's site at

For Carpet Scams & Tricks on this website:

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