Runner on stairs

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Runner on stairs


I have a question regarding a runner I had installed on my stairs.

The runner is persian design-- 100 % wool (machine woven).
It runs up our main staircase (13 stairs) turns 90 degrees on a landing (8 feet) and then turns 90 degrees again to proceed up three more stairs.

1) Should the carpet on the first stair at the base be "capped"-- with the border of the carpet?

2) What is the acceptable margin of error for the seams on the mitred corners (on the landing). One of the corners is nearly perfect, the design is matched very well, while the second corner is off by a couple of milimeters, doesn't seem like much, but because of the pattern (flowers, medallions etc.) it is pretty obvious.

I know an installation like this is very difficult so I don't want to call the company if this sounds like it's within an acceptable margin. However, the repeat on the pattern was 4 feet so I paid a TON for "wasted" carpet just so the design would match in the corners.

Thanks in advance,
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Actually that's where it gets tricky. Patterns are made to match with the carpets running the same direction. If you cut two pieces at a miter to turn a corner, the best you can hope for is close, exact is near impossible due to the construction of the material.

Was this discussed at the time of the sale?
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Thanks for the quick reply.

To answer your question, no, neither the store where we purchased the runner, nor the installer mentioned anything except how great the corners would look. I understand about the carpet construction issues, but wonder why one corner would turn out so much better than the other. If it's a carpet construction issue, wouldn't you expect the results to be somewhat similar?

What do you think about the "cap" issue on the first stair? Right now, it looks unfinished, but again, I don't know if this is industry standard and simply my fault for not asking questions before installation.

Overall, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the installation job. I heeded all the advice on this forum and hired a very reputable installer with 25+ experience. I watched him at various times throughout the day and he did everything you mention (on other posts) as far as what should be done to ensure a good stair installation job. He didn't exaggerate how much carpet we needed (minimizing waste) took his time in measuring each stair and where to place the tack strip so that the runner is perfectly aligned on the stairs etc. I feel bad about being picky, but want to make sure I'm getting what I paid for.

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Lots of planning!

Everybody is human, some wear a big (S) on their chests.
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Not quite sure I underrstand...

Originally Posted by Carpets Done Wright
Lots of planning!

Everybody is human, some wear a big (S) on their chests.

Sorry, I don't understand what this means?

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Who wears a big "S" on their chest? Superman!!!!!!! Everyone has self-doubt, and everyone makes mistakes. One of Superman's most appealing traits is his humility. As his character developed over the decades, we learned that he had to struggle to become more human and a character to which we humans could relate. His character makes mistakes, but he's intelligent enough to recognize his errors, which gives us humans a charming and realistic super hero.

I don't believe anyone guarantees an absolutely perfect pattern match--the carpet mills, carpet dealers, installers, or even one with an "S" on his chest. There may even be some deviation of the pattern itself in the carpet. There are variables to consider when it comes to predicting the match of patterned carpet, for it not only depends on the degree of variance in the material, but the geometry of the design, the size of installation, the type of layout, and or the contour of the floor. And, the success and acceptability of a patterned carpet installation requires some understanding of patterned goods on part of the homeowner.

Thus, an excellent, certified installer, even one with an "S" on his chest, may not be able to achieve an exact pattern match. When installing patterned carpet an exact match may not always be possible because the pattern match stated in the product specifications may vary. Typically, all rolls are +/-1.0% of the average of the repeats for all the rolls from the manufacturer. 2 mm is just over 1/16".

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