New carpet help.

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New carpet help.

We have purchased Mohawk Aladdin Westin Hill series carpet for our new home. We have exceeded our budget and have been left with not too many options for carpeting. We have a discounter in town that is fairly large and seems to be reputable and claim to have their own installers not subcontractors for what that is worth. We paid .73 a sq. ft. and was told it us usually 1.58 and the pad, a 6 pound 7/16" for .31 sq. ft. The installation is at .76 sq. ft. Now the carpet is a polyester carpet with what appears to have five to six twists in about a half inch thick carpet. When I fold the carpet sample in half it is difficult to see the backing which makes me feel better about the carpet. The million dollar question is,,, do you folks think this will hold up for a few years until we can afford to upgrade. And how about the prices we have paid. Thanks for your help in advance.
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$.73 sq foot? that's only $6.57 sq yard - i can't imagine that carpet is of a quality that would hold up at all. that's just too danged cheap. especially since most carpet prices have gone up because of the oil prices. but since you only want temporary carpet til you can afford to upgrade, i guess it'll do.

do you know how many ounces it is?

i'm anxious to hear the pros' opinions on this.

2 years ago, we bought nylon berber carpet for 11.09 sq yd. i want to put it in our new house now, too, so i called & it's still available, but now it's 15.99 sq yd. 2 years ago, 11.09 was really cheap. today, 6.57 is insanely cheap. i'd be worried if i were you.

just my opinion.
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Thanks for responding. It is normally 1.58 and this is a down and dirty wharehouse type of business. They have 4 fork trucks running and beeping and you have to take a number to get serviced. Once you get a salesman they are very corteous and are more than willing to take rolls down 25' from the racks and unroll them on the floor for you to see a 12' by 12' sample so to speak. I was just concerned about the polyester and the fact that it is pop bottles. I have taken a sample with me in the car and bending it and rubbing on it for about 8 hours worth now and it has no ill effects. I too would like to hear from some of the experts, who in fact might even sell this brand. Thanks again.
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That's high for installation through a retail store. Even though he says his installers are employees(he says, but I bet money they are not. Every retailer I ever worked for, referred to us subcontract installers, as "his guys" and if questioned, would lie and tell them yes, they are my employees, just so he would no lose the sale.) He only pays them aroung $3 a yard for the installation. You'll know if they are driving a company signed truck(employee), or an old beater POS van(subcontractor)
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Ok, first thing at least go with an 8lb pad. Atleast that way the pad should be good in a few years if you remove the carpet. Second, the labor price is very high, and finally, would you believe me if I told you that a car was $80,000 and it is on special for $40,000? Carpet generally is sold for 30-40% over cost-fyi.

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