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My dog chewed the carpeting in an area of about 3x4" but did not go through the backing. Is there a way to repair this? Somewhere on TV I saw someone cut a hole in the capret and use some magic glue of some sort to attach a scrap piece to the back of the carpet to fill the whole. Anyone know what this might be and step by step directions??
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I've been in the carpet cleaning business for over 10 years. We run across this kind of problem from time to time. The easiest way to repair this kind of damage is to patch in a piece of the same carpet from a closet in the same room.

If you e-mail me privately, I can give you step by step directions. They would be too long for this forum.


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I think Ted's suggestion is the best way to go with patching the "dog chewed" area!
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Dog chewed new berber carpet

My dog chewed a patch of my berber carpet in my brand new house I have only lived in for 2 weeks. Can this be repaired at all? I can be emailed at Thank you.
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Patching is one solution, and graphing a piece with the secondary backing removed and attached to the remaining secondary backing with latex, is another solution..
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if the damaged area is small, you can buy what is referred to as a "Cookie cutter" its basically about a 3 inch disk that has a razor blade on the side and a small pin in the center. You take a piece if good carpet, and FROM THE BACK! (unless its a loop pile rug/berber/commercial) cut out a piece and then go back and do the same to the damaged area. You now have an "exact" cut out. There are many different tricks to getting it to go in good but you must remember to keep it going in the same direction. All carpets are directional (have a nap) and it is important to keep that direction the same way. Now this tool was made for glued down commercial carpet to be surface cut, but can work on others (since your options are few in this case) You CAN do it by hand (double cutting/over lapping and cutting both pieces) This is NOT easy stuff here and most pros i know/knew were terrible at at (not me of course

Now its hard to cut from the back of the damaged area since more than likely your damage is in the middle of the room! You can either pull it all back or surface cut it. but i must say...its one of the hardest things to do and make look good

Loop pile (berbers)...if THAT is sorry to tell you...its one of the draw backs of having a loop pile. Dont drag your furniture, dont own a cat with careful.


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