Removing rubber backing

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My husband and I getting ready to rip old rubber backed kitchen carpet any tricks to getting the rubber backing off easy that stays on when you tear the carpet up?
Thanks, nanav
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Use a putty knife to remove as much of the rubber as you can. Then, using paint thinner or Varsol, apply the liquid to an old towel and rub the effected area. Do NOT pour the liquid directly on the floor.

This takes time, but is the safest way to accomplish what you want.

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Not "easy" but a common floor scrapper is the way to go.

You didnt say if your floor is Concrete or wood.

I know this post is years old but im answering it as if someone will come in here with the same question....


If you're concrete floor is bumpy, it wont be fun. You can get a floor scrapper from a local carpet supply store (about $30-$40) but i have let a FEW customers borrow one of mine, cant hurt to ask. Blades are 10 inches and cost about a buck a pop. be careful, when they are new, they can be most effective and at times frustrating to find the particular angle that gets it just right. Sometimes taking half the blade to it at a time or less helps out. It takes time some times to get the hang of it. If the floor is really a large are, rent a floor scrapper from a rental place. Remember that the blade goes one way for wood, and one way for concrete.


Obviously this is harder due to the blade destroying the wood floor.

All i can say is, i have tried many chemicals in my day and NONE have worked. Sure they may work in a small area you try but...what about 10? 20? 30 yards?? are you prepared to spend hundreds of dollars in chemicals they sell specificlaly for this at Carpet supply houses? and days and days of labor?
To get it prepped for floor sanding? There are other avenues.

If the glue is relatively new and gummy....well...that brings back painful memories...especially if they used a "Supreme adhesive" ratherr than a "multi-purpose"

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