Bleaching Berber Carpet

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Bleaching Berber Carpet

We had light colored berber carpet installed about 2 years ago. Big mistake with 2 kids and 2 small dogs. Now the carpet is really stained. I have a professional steam cleaning company come out every couple months and the carpet looks great for about a week afterwards. Then the same stains come back in the same place. I think they're seeping up from the padding. Is that possible? I am considering using a sprayer and coating the entire carpet with a bleach mixture. I realize that will alter the color of the carpet, but that's the effect I want as long as I can get a uniform finish. I think bleaching it will get rid of the stains. My question is, has anyone ever done this? How did it turn out? Advice?

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I personally wouldn't do it. It will also make the backing break down and you will have wrinkles in short order.

But if you feel it's better then nothing, you be the guinea pig for us and tell us how it works.
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My thoughts are that to use bleach to rid your carpet of stains would require saturation. As CDW said, this would probably be destructive. Experience tells me that bleach will eat anything. Plus you would need to rinse your carpet thoroughly.
Just an uneducated assumption.
PS: Had a new puppy in our house, plus certain areas seem to get dirty quickly, so I bought a Hoover Agility cleaner (many other brands avail) about a year ago, $270.00 Cdn. One of the best investments in history.
We now clean as required. Cheaper and feels better.
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2 things i've always heard:

1. sometimes, after you have carpets cleaned, there is cleaning fluid left behind that will actually ATTRACT dirt afterward, which is why it seems nice & clean at first, and then even more quickly becomes dirty again.

2. cleaning carpets also removes the stain protection, so it needs to be re-protected after each cleaning.

so, next time you have it cleaned, maybe ask for an additional rinsing/extracting cycle, and then have the protectant applied.
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Berber is a weave not a fiber. Most berber carpets sold are made from olefin. Olefin is polypropylene (plastic) and attracts oily soils. Many carpet cleaners are not aware of this and continue to use cleaners that contain oily solvents that attract soil and cause rapid resoiling of carpet. Cleaners used for cleaning nylon are not effective for cleaning olefin. They sometimes use special cleaners that consist of solvent blends for olefin. Professionals also use cleaners with a high pH and are cationic charged to help stop oil from reattaching to olefin. A professional carpet cleaner who knows olefin carpet's characteristics will use pre-treatment sprays and a special formulated cleaning solution on heavily soiled olefin. Bleach is sometimes used to remove stains.

Oily spills into padding will continue to wick up through carpet. The only option is to cut out an replace padding in affected areas. Oily stains on carpets where stain is not completely removed will continue to attract soil.

In an active household with children and pets, carpet should be vacuumed daily, especially in high traffic areas. Stains should be attended to immediately. Carpet should be professionally cleaned BEFORE it begins to look soiled. In an active household this may be two or more times a year as needed.

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