Transition from carpet to tile


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Transition from carpet to tile

I'm installing a tile floor in one room and will have a carpet in the next room. I thought that I needed a transition or something at the doors that would go under the tile and be held in place with the thinset on the tile side, and then have a spikey side to hold the carpet down on the other. I've been to couple of tile shops and they act like there is no such thing. So how should I do this, I ready to start laying tile.
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Im not sure if there's a 1part piece to accomplish this.
My thinking is to get the metal 'tack' strip, comes probably 36-48" long (cut to width) with metal 'teeth' protruding in 1 'grab' the carpet once stretched.
You could attach that to the floor where the tile will end and the carpet begins, with enough space between to allow for a 'T' cap, (transitional piece) of your choice of material and width of the 'T' , and glue that into the channel created by the gap between the tile and carpet.
Thats my thinking.!!
Maybe the flooring experts could add their expertice...
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Uh, I suppose you could do that, or you could just do it right. It would be a lot easier. First, what sort of doorway are we dealing with, a pass through or a hung door? If it is a pass through, with no door, you want the two materials to terminate in the center of the pass through. This will give you a balanced look when you're finished. If you are working with a hung door, you want to terminate the two materials directly under the hinges, in the center of the door itself, when the door is closed. The goal is to make sure you don't have carpet showing on the tile side or tile showing on the carpet side when the door is closed. Next, we need to know if the tile is going on a wood floor or concrete slab. If it is a wood floor, use a quarter inch backer board, not a half inch. The backer board does not add any structural strength to the floor and thicker backer board just causes transition problems to your carpet. Quarter inch backer board will allow the carpet to transition to the tile nicely. Half inch will leave the tile setting up above the carpet, creating a toe stubber. All you need to do to terminate the carpet to the tile is to get the tile finished and make sure the edge the carpet will be going to is straight, smooth, and no backer board is protruding out past the tile. If it is, cut it off so it is even with the tile. If the tile is on a backer board, stuff the carpet to it, same as to a wall. To accomplish this, get a bit of tackstrip and install it, kick the carpet onto it, trim it, and stuff the edges down. If the tile is on a slab, the tile won't be high enough to expect the carpet to remain stuffed very long so you'll have to add a piece of Z-bar to the tack strip in order to hold the edge of the carpet in place, long term. If you know how to use this stuff, great. If not and you need more detailed instructions, let me know and I'll talk you through it.
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z bar

Please explain how to use a z bar. Do you install then tuck or try to tuck and hit tack strip down at same time? I tried using one with no luck. I tried hitting the tack strip into the concrete slab with a hammer while the carpet was tucked under the z bar. The carpet kept slipping out and I never could hit the nail hard enough to go into concrete(im a girl) What do I use to hit the tack strip in? :-) What am I doing wrong????? Do they make a tack strip with the z bar already attached?
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This might give you a better a idea:

Read answer #4

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