Cleaning Soot from Carpet


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Cleaning Soot from Carpet

Help! We have a house build around 1965. Over the years, the duct work has slipped and opened, sort of using our walls as ducts in their place.

When we used the fire place last winter, the soot from it was pulled down between the wall and base boards, leaving a dark, smutty residue all along our baseboards. We don't want to replace our carpet, can anyone help us save our carpet? Please?

Thanks in advance.
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Vacuum. Vacuum. Vacuum. That's the recommendation for soot. Use the crevice tool along the baseboards. Do not rub. Simply place the crevice tool on fibers to extract as much soot as possible. If soot, using water based cleaners will compound cleaning problems. Soot is oily. Water and oil don't mix.

A solvent cleaner is used for oil, grease, tar. Apply to white rag and test in inconspicuous place first for ill effects on carpet dyes. Some dyes are unstable and solvent can remove or fade dye. Blot, do not rub fibers.

Even without a fireplace, many homes have filtration soil along baseboards. This leaves a dirty border along edge of carpet. This is due to cold, heavy air settling through gaps at bottom of wall. Carpet acts as a filter and collects the soil. When it is time to replace the carpet, seal gaps along bottom of walls to stop filtration.

A professional carpet cleaner has access to cleaners and chemicals unavailable to consumers. If you have not had carpet professionally cleaned within the past 12-18 months, it's likely time for a professional cleaning. When you place the call to the cleaner, explain that you have filtration soil and soot along baseboards. That way they will come prepared. They will likely tell you that at best they can lighten the stains. Without regular vacuuming with crevice tool and cleaning carpet in the area along baseboards, filtration soil tends to become a permanent stain.
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"Incredible" carpet stain spotter.

It is filtation soiling, and not necesarily from the duct work.

There are small gaps at the baseboard wall plates, and air is transferred out and in, depending on atmospheric pressure.

Rooms closed off and the return air sucking will leave a filtration band across the doorway directly under the door.
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yup filtration soiling...there are many solvents on the market that will work

pro solve and power gel are a few examples of the products i have used over the years to help with these conditions

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