Installing attached-pad carpeting in basement


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Installing attached-pad carpeting in basement

Greeting folks. I would like to think this is a DIY project that I can handle but I want to have a few questions answered first before I start. Lemme tell ya, there are not that may Q&A sites out there (that I've found) regarding installing of attached-pad carpeting. But I'll number the questions below in case some people want to offer replies about only one of my questions....

Background: I live in Chicagoland. Cold winters/Hot Summers. I currently have 2 rolls of 12x21 attached-pad frieze carpet which I purchased at my local home improvement store and I am attempting to install it over my 20x21 concrete basement floor. (This is a 1yr old new construction house and I sealed the floor within weeks of moving in.) The rest of the basement is finished, even down to the baseboards (trim). I also have two 4x12 lengths of the same carpet for covering the 15 stairs. As for additional tools/materials, I have plenty of double-sided tape, seaming tape, a new carpet-cutting knife and seaming glue. One side of this room will be used as a home office and the other side will be used as a Home Theatre area.

1) I was told by someone that attached pad carpet cannot be used on stairs because staples will go right through it. Which makes sense I guess but I'm not sure why the guy at home improvement store would have even sold it to me if that is the case. Is this true? And if so, is there anything I can do to attach it regardless? I would think that double faced tape would not hold very long at all. Adhesive maybe? But then what about fastening down by the crotch?

2) I was also told that troweling 6 gal of adhesive might be a better way to go on the whole floor as opposed to using double-sided tape. Anyone have any opinions on which is better/preferred?

3) Should I rent a seaming iron? Some sites I have read say it is not necessary and some do.

4) Edges/Corners. Do I need to mess with any tack strips? Or will the tape or adhesive be sufficient?

5) Does this type of carpet need to be stretched at all?

If you need additional details that I have not provided before answering any of my questions, just ask away! I truly appreciate everyone's input.
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Installation instructions tend to be manufacturer specific. Contact the manufacturer if in doubt. Although most manufacturers supply retailers with manufacturer's recommended installation instructions, this does not mean that they read them. Many manufacturers have installation instructions online. Again, if in doubt, contact the manufacturer in order not to void warranties.
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1. glue the treads. staple in the crease
2. full spread glue the carpet to the floor read the bucket for trowel notch size
3. no iron. solvent based seam sealer is what you need
4. no strip, just glue
5. no stretch if full spread glued you won't see a wrinkle until the cushioned backing is very worn out

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