Best solution for low-par floorboards


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Best solution for low-par floorboards

I am currently in the process of having a new carpet installed.

I live in an old house and a lot of the current fixings etc., are not correctly done.

One of these "fixings" is the skirting board does not hit the floor boards, so in some sections the gap roughly looks around 2cm.

The option I went with at Wakes (carpet store) was a big thick rug, and a thin - felt back carpet.

The floor boards have a gap between each of them as you could expect, so this will be noticeable on the areas outside the rug where the thin carpet will lay.

I am personally OK with this and have also thought about the potential idea of having a small bevel to lay on the outside edges on the thin carpet against the skirting board, thus removing the noticeable gap which I'm sure the thin carpet will create.

I was given a few options at wakes to fix this, either have wooden (can't remember the proper name) lay on top of the floor boards removing any seams that would otherwise be visible with floor board gaps (which I can get from B & Q)... or having very thick underlay with an action-pack carpet, though this would eventually sink down and gaps would again come through, or using the idea I had and have the big rug over-lay it.

I don't plan to stay here for much more but I did want to decorate a few bits and bobs for perhaps this last year.

Now, the main issue I have currently is that my mother is saying that draft is going to be a huge problem if I don't put a fair amount of underlay down first. I'd like to know if she is correct in her views.

My questions are firstly your general opinion.
If I have got anything wrong and what other options I can be going for..

Finally, the solution I should be taking perhaps differently to which I am doing now.


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Wow, lots of stuff! I'll take a shot at responding to this

If I understand this correctly, you live in an old place with some sort of plank or wood floor. It has gaps between the boards and mom is concerned about drafts. I suspect the boards are also cupped which means they are higher at the edges than in the center. This would telegraph through the carpet over time. The best "fix" is to over lay the entire area with sheets of plywood. Since you don't intend to stay there much longer, I suspect this is a rental and that sort of work would have to be approved by the owner. It would also be a bit pricey. I think I'd stick with the solution you've come up with only add a thin pad under the rug to satisfy mom's comcern. You can get a quarter inch rubber pad that's made for burbers that will do the job nicely.

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