re-installing berber carpet

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re-installing berber carpet

We removed the berber carpet from the basement concrete floor 4 months ago. We were careful to leave the tack strip in place. We are now reinstalling it and we have a couple of issues. First the edges are unraveling. The original installation was not the best and this process began before we pulled it up but has progressed. I have read about edge sealers for berber carpet. Can I get some comments on when and how these are used?

Next the carpet was stored during this period. A portion of it was folded over before rolled up. It is showing some signs of distress where it was folded. We thought of steaming it there or using a massive car sized iron (LOL). Any suggestions on reducing the visibility of this folding?

Any other suggestions or gotchas! concerning re-installing berber would be most appreciated.

Thank-you Gods and Gurus of Carpet!!
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cant help you on the seam question

but the roll crush question i can help you...most of the time after you reinstall and stretch can get a carpet cleaner with high heat to relax the fibers....may want to ask a professional cleaner in your area to help...after cleaning it may need stretched again
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re-installing berber carpet

well, depending how far is the unravelling from the edge, assuming not too much so it can be re-used, if you have a hot glue gun, glue it at the point where the unravelling stopped so it does not continue, you do not have to use a whole stick just a dime dap + or -, when re-installing the carpet make sure that the edge with the unravelling is the opposite from the edge you tack first so when you stretch it hopefully the un-ravelling part will be cut off and nothing will show when done, now the folded area will mostly disapear when stretched however there is the posibility that some will remain, then at that point get your hand held steam iron ( no car size needed), set it to HOT steam then lay a towel over the crees?(sp) and start ironing moving along, do not stay to long in the same spot as you can melt the fibers if too hot.
Also if crees?(sp) is cracked thru it might rip when stretching so make sure the backing is still holding it's integrity, 4 month of storing it folded in cold weather can do a lot of damage to the backing, how old is the carpet and how big? you just might be better off getting a new piece before yuo go thru the trouble and have to it all over againBeer 4U2

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