Carpet fibers of new carpet easy to pull out

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Carpet fibers of new carpet easy to pull out

We got our new carpet installed about 6 months ago and so far we have been really happy with it...well, except for the problem I am posting about today. The carpet is a cut-pile texture style (Phenix Manor, to be specific), and we have it throughout our upstairs (3 bedrooms) and the stairs leading up to the 2nd story.

I've noticed periodically that a fiber will be sticking out above the rest of the carpet, and I have either trimmed it back flush with the rest of the fibers or pulled it out completely. First, it seemed really odd that a fiber would be able to come out, and secondly I was amazed how easy it was to pull out the rest of the way.

The part I am most amazed about is that I can grab onto any individual piece of fiber and pull the pile completely out with not a whole lot of effort (<5lbs I would estimate). It just pulls out right from the backing of the carpet. Aren't the fibers suppose to be glued to the backing??? I've tried pulling on some other carpet we have downstairs (cut-pile also, cheap carpet the bank installed before we bought the house) and I cannot pull any fibers out...even as the carpet begins to lift up from me pulling. I also tried this on some carpet at a friend's house...those fibers were not coming loose.

Is my carpet defective? This carpet definitely wasn't the cheap stuff...~600 sq ft with installation and a nice pad was around $3000.

I really have only noticed it happening at the top of the stairs in the hallway. I would think it would be on the stairs, but I haven't seen any there. We avoid having shoes on upstairs. We do have a dog (one reason we got cut-pile), which is one reason why I would expect to see the stairs wearing before anything else. Maybe its from pivoting at the top of the stairs to turn the corners....?

Pretty disappointed that I spent that much money and this is happening. It's only been 6 months and I just imagine the carpet getting thinner and thinner.

Oh, and we haven't noticed any issues with vacuuming it (Shark Navigator), which is actually impressive. The way I can pull fibers out with my fingers I would think the vacuum beater bar would do the same.

Any advice??

PS. The carpet has the following warranty through the manufacturer:

Residential Wear: 20 Years
Soil Warranty Duration: 7 Years
Stain Warranty Duration: Lifetime
Texture Retention: 10 Years

I also still have 6 months left on the warranty from the place I bought it from.

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It's pretty common esp on textured carpet. You might write the manufacturer, but unless it occurs so much that an area is starting to look bare, I doubt it's an warranty thing.

Vacuuming on a low setting normally minimizes that after just a few weeks.

If it's happening only in one area (which it seems like from your comment about pivoting at the top of the stairs) it's possible that is indeed an issue.

Again, contacting the installer or manufacturer might be a good idea. At least for a start.

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