Please help me choose my new carpet!!!!!!!!

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2 weeks ago we spent several thousand dollars on new carpet and it has been nothing but a nightmare. We made a mistake of choosing a color that I would consider looking like "sand". It is Mohawk Berber Carpet and has a tiny pink, black and brown thread in the basically white background. The first day we got it my husband dropped a vacuum cleaner bag on it and it had a dirt stain which we couldn't vacuum out. We went to store where we purchased carpet and they gave us a cleaner which caused the carpet to stain pink. Then we hired at our expense a professional and now we have an approx. 4 ft. pink stain. It just gets bigger and bigger as it wicks out. Needless to say we are trying to get totally different carpet with our warranty. I need advice on color and something that shows no dirt or stains and should it be Berber? We are also getting new furniture so are open to any color schemes. If anyone could tell me colors and textures that you have purchased and really love, I would greatly appreciate it.
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Sorry to hear about your bad luck.

Berbers/loop piles are not as popular as they once were. They are not the "in" thing any longer. They are not made like they were in years past. I personally HATE berbers

The new "in" carpet is called "Frieze". It looks wonderful and wears great. Shaw industries has what is called "Soft-bac" which makes the carpet feel really soft, and comes with a lifetime no wrinkle guaranty. It doesn't scratch walls or baseboards upon installation either. It is the best carpet I have seen in 20 years.

Good luck on your flooring experience! Remember to make sure the installation crew that installs your new carpet is a Certified Flooring Installer(CFI)! Your carpet will only look as good as the installation.
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hello DFREE,

I tend to agree and disagree with Done Wright although Berbers are not as popular as they use to be, nonetheless they are coming "back in" they do have some inherint stain resistance as well as wearability depending on the fiber composition. I myself do not prefer berber but that is totally a personal preference not a professional one.
Frieze is a quality carpet and "Soft-Bac" is a quality carpet but what I would most look for is why the manufacturer will not warranty the carpet against the stain?

Most manufacturers have a 10/5/5 warranty at the least. I would call the manufacturer and have a representative come to take a persistent!!! My next question is what in the #@## was in that bag???
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Stain warrenty come from the Yarn manufactoring company as in DuPont, Monsanto, Allied, in some Mohawk carpets "Berber" they are made from Olefin or a blend of nylon / olefin fibers. Maybe there was KRYPONITE in that bag.
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Wink Good News!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heard just this morning that we are going to get our carpet replaced with no cost to us unless we choose a higher priced product. Thanks very much for all your responses. Any suggestions for colors that don't show stains? By the way what is a Kryonite?
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Color & Kryptonite

Kryptonite was the stuff Superman could not be around, maybe you not old enough to remember that. AS far as color goes look around the house , Yard , see what color the DIRT is and get somethng to match it pick carpet made from 100% nylon MONSANTO or DuPONT thats 2 that I prefer, just my opinion. REMBER carpet is NOT self cleaning.

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