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we recently had new carpet layed. it was carpet made of recycled plastic drink bottles. it looks great but there is aseam the length of the room that looks like along narrow lump in the entire length of the carpet. the carpet is a cut berber and not really supposed to show seams. we had the carpet layer come back and he said it is the way the light hits the seam and there isn't any correction for this. i think he is blowing smoke. he only used a knee kick stretcher,is it possible that it is not stretched properly?we asked him and he said that it would only buckle the seam if he stretched it more. any insight from some one who knows??????? thanks, carrie
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It's called seam peaking or highlighting. If there is not visible black line where the seam is then it is normal.

Seam peaking is caused by stretching the carpet. More the stretch the more it will peak.

Take a rubberband. Cut it twice so you have two pieces. Now take a small piece of scotch tape. Lay it on a table, sticky side up.(this will symbolize the seam tape) Now take the two pieces of rubberband and butt the cut ends together and press them into the scotch tape hard.(this will symbolize the carpet) Now grab the rubberband ends with the tape in the middle and gently pull as a stretch across the seam. Look at the area where the tape is. It will peak just like your carpet is doing. The area where the tape is stays the same thickness, and the rest of the rubberband will thin out. Leaving a hump down the seam area. This is normal!!!

Back when carpets had jute backing they didn't stretch as much as they do now, and this problem was not as prevalent as it is now with the stretchy nylon backings on the carpets produced these days.
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To add to that, a knee kicker is not a stretching tool. Only a corner cutter will try to kick stretch carpets. To properly stretch a carpet, a pole stretcher must be used. He was in a big hurry, or doesn't own a pole stretcher. Either way he ripped you off by not installing it to CRI minimum installation standards. Do a web search for "carpet and rug institute" or CRI 105. They have the minimum installation standards now posted online. I bet he didn't seal the seam with seam sealer(latex) either before he hot melted it together.

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