Cleaning Dark Edges on Cream Carpet

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Cleaning Dark Edges on Cream Carpet

I have a cream foam backed bedroom carpet and the edges have gone very dark - vacumming does not remove. Can anyone advise on how to clean please?
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Cleaning filtration soil

Soiling around the edges of carpet is due to the cold, heavy air passing through the carpet on downward through cracks along the bottom of the walls next to the subfloor, under doors, or at the edges of stairs. The carpet acts as an air filter collecting dust and air pollution. This can occur quickly or over a period of months or years. When vacuuming, it is best to run the vacuum with the crevice tool attachment along the edge of the carpet to minimize the effects of the dirty air.

Filtration soil may include auto emissions, soot from fireplace or candles, cooking oils, spray furniture polishes, cigarette smoke and other pollutants that create a combination soils. Sealing the cracks with latex caulk may minimize filtration soil. Reducing air pollution in the home will also help, as will frequent changes of the filter on your HVAC system.

Because of the combination of soils in filtration soil, there is no one recommended cleaning technique. A professional carpet cleaner is recommended. The professional will use a combination of cleaning methods and chemicals.

Filtration soil is more obvious on lighter color carpets. The stain can not always be removed. Sometimes a chemical change in the carpet fibers takes place that is irreversible. The Carpet-Rug Institute recommends a professional carpet cleaning every 12-18
months before it starts showing soiling. Filtration soil can not be removed using normal cleaning procedures and sometimes it is impossible to remove all of the staining left by the soil. Carpet cleaning professionals report a 25% success rate removing all of filtration soil stains.

Ms. Moppins frequently recommends using shaving cream (the white foamy kind) for removing difficult carpet stains. Massage the foam into the stain and let set. Use a damp cloth or sponge to blot the shaving cream and soil out of the carpet. Continue to blot and change water and rags as needed. Make sure you rinse all shaving cream from carpet. As many soils are organic you might have some success using an enzyme digester cleaner like Nature's Miracle from Sam's Club or one of the pet mess cleaners from the pet store. Apply cleaner to affected areas, let set to digest soil, then blot with cloth or sponge to rinse away cleaner. It is important that the enzymes be given time to work. If you see some progress, repeat the procedure. If professional carpet cleaners report a 25% success rate at complete remoal of the stain, then perhaps you won't be too disappointed in your own attempts.

A professional carpet cleaner is highly recommended for filtration soil. They have access to cleaners and chemicals that the DIYer does not have.
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The term used in what twelvepole describes is called "Ghosting"

Burning candles is the #1 cause of this carpet problem.
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Filter soil

Filter soil can be difficult to remove. Use fast orange hand cleaner form Auto Zone. But you must follow it with hot water extraction. Good luck!

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