Basement Carpet padding

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Question Basement Carpet padding

I will be putting carpet in my basement in the next couple weeks. I'm leaning toward a plush for one end and a Friezes style for another end.

The floor is a concrete slab. I was wondering what king of padding I should be using?

Is there mildew/mositure resistent padding? Is there a rubber/comercial grade padding I could get?

I have no water problems in my basement excpet for high hum idity. I live in PA, so basements are always humid, and I know concrete is pourous. I just want to get something that is going to last, and be able to handle the basement enviroment.

Any help on what type and size of padding would be great.

I'm also looking at Empire Carpets and Progressive Carpet & Flooring. Any consumer concerns?

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Mold growth is going to be a concern, no matter what pad you pick. Some just greater then others. Rubber cushion seems to resist it the best.

The basement being below grade will always emit vapor emissions. You might think about putting down a moisture barrier before the pad and carpet installation.
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Carpet padding

I have your solution. I just finished my basement and I am too putting down a plush carpet. I searched and found a carpet padding that is 100% water proof and 100% non-allergenic. The company is based out of Michigan and they'll take your order over the phone you just need to provide the measurements.
The cost is not cheap $6.45 per square yd but carpet padding that was non-allergenic and padding that was waterproof was a hot topic among the medical community because of problems folks with breathing problems were having. The padding has 8lb thickness but density of 15 lb. Go to ([url]
I did a test and poured a cup of water on some carpet with this padding beneathand let it sit for 10 min. water did not penetrate the padding. I then wet vacced the carpet and the water was gone.
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$6.45 per yard???

Your getting taken!!!

All the new fangled cushion is, the same as the old rebond cushion, just with a thicker plastic sheathing applied to the top.

Originally, rebond cushion had not top sheathing. They found out it help to keep the cushion from bunching up if they applied a thin film of plastic to the top to let the carpet backing slide across the top of the padding.

Now someone has put a thicker plastic sheathing on the padding and calling it "Waterproof" There is not great increase in price to produce this. It costs me 10 per yard more then regular 7/16", 8-lb rebond padding.

Here are the specs

Performance Specifications

100% Recyclable
100% Waterproof
No Chlorofluocarbons (CFC's)
4.5 R factor for premium insulation
100% Non Alergenic
3/8" thick (54 W x 60'L)
0.25 FSI-Class A fire rated
15 lb. Density Feel

My cost is $1.48 per sq. yard. I mark it up and sell it for $3.00 per yard.

Here is the kicker. Put this over a high vapor emitting concrete slab, and you are sure to still have mold growth. The plastic sheathing is on top of the pad. That is where the moisture stops as a moisture barrier. What about the actual foam underneath the plastic sheathing? It is now bathing in moisture, Because there is nowhere for the moisture emissions to go and vent. They are now trapped with the foam part of the padding.

They call it the perfect padding for a basement for its R-factor and it's ability to insulate. Not to keep moisture levels emitting from the concrete down. I guess if you flipped it over and had the plastic sheathing on the bottom it may work. It is there for topical moisture.
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Basement padding

Perry is right on target as usual. Shop around and compare specs and prices.
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Will covering the concrete floor with Dryloc or similar serve as an adequate vapor barrier? If not, then what?

I have a similar basement to noelc's -- fully above ground, zero water problems, slightly higher humidity than the rest of the house (I live in Georgia), but not deeply so. The area is nominally air conditioned and has good seals around all the doors and windows.

Primary concerns are insulation against the slab and avoiding mold growth -- my wife is allergic to mold and mildew.

I'll be buying the carpet in a few weeks from one of the manufacturers in Dalton.

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