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05-31-05, 10:00 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


No need to remove old insulation unless it's moisture damaged. If it's still

nice and fluffy, I would just leave it there and put your floor boards right

over it. If your house is older, it...
05-13-05, 08:18 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

excuse me

I always assume that people may want to know if some safety issue puts

their family at risk. I don't get paid for this, maybe I should just spend less

time working with ingrates.
05-12-05, 09:20 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

basement window

A window well like this needs a drain to work properly. Is this the first time

it leaked? Is the window well new? There may be a drain in the well, but

plugged with debris. If no drain, you...
05-12-05, 09:09 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

laundry drain

A sump pump and crock should only be used for residual ground water that

would otherwise come into the basement. The problem is that bacterial

laden greywater will always remain in the lower...
05-12-05, 08:57 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

Garage opening

The opening you mentioned from the garage into your house attic is a

breach of the firewall required between the garage and the house.

There should be a 5/8'' drywall ceiling in the garage or a...
05-10-05, 07:56 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

Attic insul.

If the joists are really 18'' on center, your choice of insulation will be

limited to blown-in. The rolled insul. only comes in widths for 16'' and 24''

centers. If the old insul. is loaded...
05-05-05, 08:44 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


It sounds like you have an exceptionally deep crawlspace and even with

a slightly out of kilter exterior grading issue, it sounds like your unfortunate

crawlspace does double duty as a...
05-03-05, 07:55 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


The lack of a vapor barrier under that concrete slab would be one of the first

things I would suspect. Like ''concretemasonry'' said, though, I would

eliminate those things on his list, first,...
05-03-05, 07:42 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

crawl space

The only down side to a plastic vapor barrier on the ground, in a crawl space

is in the event of a real water problem, it acts a lot like a swimming pool

liner. Once you get the water problem...
05-02-05, 02:34 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


Rigid foam is fastened to walls with special nails that have a large counter

sunk plastic washer under the nail head. I believe the same kind of nail

would serve your purposes also. You need to...
04-29-05, 04:53 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


A couple of things to consider when you cover the bottom side of the

rafters is, if your roof has ''can'' vents, you would need one between every

single rafter. The proper correction for that...
04-29-05, 04:42 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

vapor barrier

The lack of vapor barrier on the inside of the walls shouldn't be regarded

with too much concern. It's a good idea to have it, but I wouldn't do

anything destructive to put it in there. Unless...
04-29-05, 04:15 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

insulating rafters

Some of the reasons why insulated rafters are not the best way to go, are:

Stapling to rafters leaves the paper barrier exposed to the attic, fire safety

concern. Paper barrier on bottom side...
Forum: Water Heaters
04-20-05, 06:02 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

direct vent

You can direct vent a water heater as long as it is the proper power-vent

design. A power-vent water heater comes with a fan already built in at the

top of the unit and uses a pvc pipe to vent...
Forum: Water Heaters
04-20-05, 05:42 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

2nd bath

One thing that makes a difference is how close the new bathrm. will be to

the original bath and how much farther away from the water heater.

A 40 gal. heater is usually adequate for 2 bathrms....
04-20-05, 03:31 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

oil smell

I've been in lots of attics and on lots of roofs in just about every kind of

house style there is, and I have never smelled anything like you describe.

I doubt that your smelling a roofing...
04-20-05, 03:17 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

crawl space

Just a thought. I think I would call the guy who applied the chemical to

your crawl space. If he was certified to apply it, he's the guy who should

know how soon you should go down there. It...
04-20-05, 03:07 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

grid ceiling

A grid type ceiling really isn't designed to be insulated. These are normally

used in finished basements, where insul. is not normally used. The zero

clearance designs are meant for older...
04-15-05, 06:32 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

mold in coal room

If there is no organic material behind that plastic, mold will not grow.

Mold will grow on paint, but so far I haven't seen a successful paint

application on coal room walls. Most people don't...
04-15-05, 06:23 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

Insul. & Romex

Romex and insul. get along just fine, no code problems either. What I do

to sort of encapsulate the romex which is usually about centered in the

wall framing, is carefully slit the insul. batt...
Forum: Water Heaters
04-05-05, 07:06 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

water heater

Depending on the size, the level of quality (usually reflected in the warranty)

whether it's a conventional versus a power vented unit and any special

problems encountered with the...
04-05-05, 06:47 PM
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Posted By michiganguy

oil heat

One big advantage of oil over propane is in most areas you can fill as many

of your own above ground tanks as you can afford to buy and fill, in the late

summer or early fall, at a considerable...
04-05-05, 06:09 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


If you check your local classified section of the newspaper you may find one

for free or next to free, as a result of someone converting to natural gas

and no longer needing their old oil tank....
04-05-05, 05:41 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


The check valves installed in the floor drains shouldn't impede their ability

to function as intended. If the drains no longer appear to be able to accom-

modate a drain hose very well, an easy...
04-03-05, 07:30 PM
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Posted By michiganguy


It's probably not practical to do a step-by-step via the internet, but here's

a few things that should be helpful. The studded partition you build will

require 5/8'' drywall on the garage side,...
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