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04-20-15, 10:50 AM
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Posted By Denny

Magnetic motor starter

Have a model ECN0501BAA Nema 0 Non-Comb.
3phase 240 volt coil. This is for a 3phase motor. 3/4 HP 3.2 FLA.
what size heaters do I put in the starter and what would the Eaton part number be for the...
10-28-12, 06:55 PM
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Posted By Denny

Replacing draft inducer motor unit.

My draft inducer motor was starting to get very noisy when it would start up.
I purchased a complete unit ICP A141. When I removed the old unit,there as a fiber type gasket material that came off in...
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Posted By Denny

Cell phone useage.

I agree Northern Mike.
The car is my wifes.
When we go out together, I usually drive. If her phone rings she has to shout to answer it as the speaker is above the drivers head. It would be nice if...
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Posted By Denny

Cell phone useage in car

Cell phone is paired to car radio (bluetooth). How can I switch it back to the handset when I want to have a private conversation without the passengers hearing the conversation through the car...
12-27-11, 07:28 AM
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Posted By Denny

Faulty Thermostat??

This morning upon climbing out of bed , I noticed the house was cold. I checked the digital programmable thermostat and found it calling for heat,but the furnace wasnt running and the house temp was...
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Posted By Denny

John Deere walk behind

Have a ten or eleven year old John Deere 21 inch . Model JS63.
Needs new rear wheels. Also needs drive belt . Hard to start. Is it worth putting any more money into this machine or should I think...
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Posted By Denny

Toyota Tacoma Spark Plugs

2005 Toyota Tacoma 2.7litre.
Can someone explain the process of changing the spark plugs on this motor.
What has to come off,be moved, etc....
Thank You
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Posted By Denny

2008 Ford Escape Brakes

What size allen key is used to remove the front brake pads?
Any help would be appreciated!
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Posted By Denny

2002 Hyundai Sonata Radiator Hoses

Just had the radiator and tranny fluids changed at the dealer on this car.
Popped the hood today and noticed that the radiator hoses looked like they were collapsed,when the engine was cold....
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Posted By Denny

Splitting output signal from DVR

I have Time Warner cable.
Is it possible to split the output signal from my DVR so I can watch 2 TVs.?
I realize that the show will be the same on both sets.
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Posted By Denny

Storing New Dishwasher

I recently purchased a new Bosch dishwasher.
I will not get a chance to install until after the upcoming holidays.
My question is about storing the unit in an unheated garage.
Will this harm the...
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Posted By Denny

Problem with HP psc 2210 printer

I started getting a message to remove and check cartridges on my printer.
I followed HPs advice and cleaned everything that could be cleaned.
still had problem.
I then replaced print cartridges....
06-15-09, 10:08 AM
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Posted By Denny

Too much Grubex

I accidently applied too much grubex to my lawn.
I used the setting for a drop spreader, which is 5 1/4 instead of the setting for a rotary spreader, 3 1/4.
How much damage have I done?.
Will it...
06-03-09, 04:41 AM
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Posted By Denny

Frostproof Wall Hydrant

I recently installed two new wall hydrants in my garage.
The hot water side vibrates and makes all sorts of noise when closing the valve.
I checked the washer and it looks good.
Could this be...
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Posted By Denny

Carbon Brushes for Crafstman Miter Box

Does anyone have a source to purchase motor brushes for an older Craftsman power miter box.
It is model 113.234630
I know that Sears Parts has them but the cost is a little high in my opinion....
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Posted By Denny

Paint Bucket

I am using yhe paint from a 5 gallon bucket.
It is the same one the paint was purchased in.
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Posted By Denny

Stinky Paint

Whatwould cause applied paint to smell like vomit.
Did a small area of wall that was repaired from a door hitting it.
I am using Sherwin Williams Harmony.
It is a latex eggshell finish.
It smells...
04-05-09, 02:56 PM
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Posted By Denny

Hot H2O Valve.

Is it illegal to install a valve on the hot water side of a hot water tank. I was recently at a friends house and saw where there was a valve on both the hot and cold pipes to the tank.
I told him...
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Posted By Denny

Haunted Printer

Have an HP PSC2210 printer. All in one.
Occassionally the printer will make a noise like the carriage is moving.
This happens at various times during the day and evening.
Have a Dell Inspiron PC...
01-11-09, 05:22 PM
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Posted By Denny

GFCI with Switch

I want to install a GFCI outlet that also has a switch on it.
I have purchased a Leviton combo switch and GFCI outlet.
My question is this:
Is it legal to wire the combo unit so that the switch...
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Posted By Denny

2002 Hyundai Sonata radio

I am attemting to replace a radio in a 2002 Hyundai Sonata.
It is an AM-FM CD-Cassette.
Can anyone offer any tips on how to remove this radio?.
Also, I have found several replacement radios on the...
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Posted By Denny

Snowblower Oil

Snowthrower instructions call for 5W30 oil.
Can I use automotive 5W30 oil such as Pennzoil or does the oil have to be a specific oil made for snowthrower such as the type sold for B&S engines which...
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Posted By Denny

Difficulty reading dipstick.

Have a 2005 Toyota Tacoma 4 cyl.
I usually change the oil myself,however it is very difficult to read the dipstick with new oil on it. Can not see the level.
Even under bright light.
Does anyone...
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Posted By Denny

Norto Removal Tool

I loaded norton Removal Tool but during the running process the program gets to a point that says processing MSIs by product code.
The program justs stalls and runs with this on the screen for...
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Posted By Denny

Norton Antivirus

I tried loading Norton 360 Version 2 last Night.
I am having nothing but trouble.
I am totally frustrated and I am going to ask for my money back.
My question is this:
after uninstalling Norton...
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