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Good paints...

We've sold RL for yeeeears now! A LOT of it, and we're NOT a box-store. Just an independant dealer.
(Other lines are ACE-Royal & C2)

RL IS a low-VOC paint, but curiously...they don't highlight...
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Primer applied Waaaaayyy too thin...

This is SO classic...

That primer is waaaayyy too thin.
Simple as that.
>>> Your noting that the streaking matches the "sprayed primer" patterns tell the whole story right there.
>>> Subsequent...
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Consider this stuff...IF ya want perfection...

Hey gang,
I've played around with some of this stuff....WOW.

If you want some knockout cabinets, study up here...

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The smell factor...

Yeah, VOC's and perceived odor have ZERO relation to each other.

Case in point...
Zinsser's 123 Latex primer is one of the best.
The C2-One Latex primer has a higher VOC level...BUT...TO...
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FPE would work...BUT...$$

If $$$ weren't an object...

I'd consider FPE.
I used a sample board that had some whites on it.
Used their Eurolux Matte, tinted to "Wine Red".
On purpose, I used a crappy foam brush, and...
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Switch primers, and tint it!!

Hey Guys!

* Verify the base this Yellow was supposed to be in...meaning; a pre-tinted yellow base, or, the normal Accent/Neutral base.
* You should just be able to phone and ask. Have your...
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The "wait & slice" approach...

I babble about this a lot...

I purposely wait 'till next day.

>>> Since there's often a dried primer-coat, and 2 paint-coats, there's too tough a primer/paint-skin dried onto the tape.
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Slatz's post = Gospel

Slatz said it well...

The BEST prep on oil (assuming no lead!!!) is always sanding.

The "physical profile" generated by sanding is always preferable to the "temporarily tacky" surface of a...
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Was trim sanded??

Hi Skeeter!

Yeah...if it was a Glossier oil trim paint previously, AND if you didn't sand and prime it b4 you painted, you will have a BARELY adhering new paint film.

Will your new paint peel...
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This isn't surprising at all....

Sorry for all you're goin' thru guys!!!

1) The existing Satin-sheen wall should've been scuff-sanded.
This is the BEST way to promote adhesion, and doesn't take long.
2) Then, the walls...
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Sorry to tell ya this....

It's gonna take a MONTH for most Latexes to harden-off enough to be considered "cured"!

It's just the way it is...

It's just simply not a fast process for Latexes!

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Good "cheap" paints...

Yeah, the ACE-Royal is very good paint for the money.
(I work at an ACE store)

In the crowded "Mid-$20's/gal" market, I'll put ACE-Royal up against anyone. We go thru hundreds & hundreds of...
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Subtleties here...


"Holidays" are caused by only 2 things...
1) Not letting roller get saturated, &
2) Pushing paint too thin/technique.

At our store, I always tell clients to use the best rollers, like a...
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Use a "drier"...

At your paint store, look for a qt. of "Japan-drier".

This solvent greatly speeds-up the drying of many oils!
(Dont' even ask about the VOC-level of this stuff...:eek: !!)

You'll still needs...
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Posted By Faron79

Yep...clean & re-prime


Agreed with recent replies!

30 days is usually the "Outer-Limits" for even Interior primers.

Many just get too dried-out/brittle to hold new paint decently.

>>> As Dvab're...
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Flats may touch-up better...

You're "lucky" in a sense that it's a flat!

Flats touch-up the easiest of all the sheens.

1st however...
* Lightly clean the smudges off using a very slightly damp cloth that doesn't lint.
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Posted By Faron79

You're in Malta?!?

The plaster is new, correct?
If so, some plasters may need up to 3 months before priming & painting to cure-out :coffee: !!
Many need a month though...

Definite YES on water-base primers &...
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Posted By Faron79

Yep...upgrade the brush too!

Excellent advice above!

I was thinkin' the same as Sirwired!!

You've gotta get into the $12-$18 PER BRUSH :thinker: range to have a decent tool...Beer 4U2

Purdy "Dales", almost ANY Corona,...
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Posted By Faron79

You're getting a little tiresome SPS45...

You must be the only person in the country who actually knows all of the main companies TI02 levels then...:wall:!?!?

MANY companies have lowered VOC-levels in paint.
* Ralph-Lauren's paint has...
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Posted By Faron79

The Behr debate...

I hate to dive into THIS wormhole, but here goes!!!

Our store used to have Behr (independant store line). Home Depot bought the "Behr" NAME/marketing-rights to it ~ 3yrs. ago.
* Independant...
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Posted By Faron79

Stabilize 1st....

Yep! Careful with the lead surfaces now!

Make sure all existing loose material/dust is gone.
Light rinsing with a sponge, HEPA-Vac filters, etc.

I'd use Zinsser's Gardz here. A...
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Posted By Faron79

Clean-up 1st!!

B4 doing anything...wash/clean the walls first!
(I'd use POWDERED Dirtex. Often needs no rinsing!)

Dust-off all trims b4 taping.
Get all wall repairs done, sanded flush, & remove ALL dust.
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Posted By Faron79

Prep test...

Prep is crucial.

One of the main tests to see if concrete will hold a new coating, is a few drops of water is various spots.
* If the drop just sits there, floor ISN'T gonna hold a...
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Posted By Faron79

Why Oil?!?

Hi Jackie,
I'm curious...
Why are you gonna use another Oil?

Once you've primed with BIN, you're ready to rock with a top-quality Latex paint.
Much easier to be around, and it won't yellow over...
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Posted By Faron79

Dry throat...

4 yrs ago, I primed our lower Fam-rm with BIN because we had a S/G-sheen in there.
Didn't use a mask 'cuz I was rolling it on. Had windows cracked a little was March!!
Didn't notice any...
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