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09-30-10, 11:20 AM
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which part of town are you staying in?
09-30-10, 10:49 AM
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hate to rain on the parade but SPAM is also full of nitrates and sugar.
Just take a closer look at the ingredients
astray recipes: How is spam made?...
09-30-10, 10:41 AM
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Posted By bradshwart

miracle grow

I definitely wouldn't use miracle grow. Mint, like many herbs has a delicate flavor and tastes best growing in rich composted soil. You might also try pruning some of the weaker leaf clusters to...
09-08-10, 10:48 AM
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Posted By bradshwart

time factor

I've found that the amount of time suggested by experts needs to be multiplied by five or ten when I take on a project. First of all, I'm usually doing something for the first or second time, not the...
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where is ethanol readily available. It always seems to me like a political football that comes up in the news cycle and goes away. I never see it offered commonly at gas stations like diesel is.
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hybrid porsche

I would give my right [fill in the blank] to test drive that porsche....would love to see a consumer version.
09-06-10, 02:31 PM
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Posted By bradshwart


I love the look of bamboo floors also but I'm a little concerned about sustainability (even though they say bamboo grows very fast). I'm looking for an eco-friendly synthetic substitute if it exists.
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Posted By bradshwart

how thick

How thick does the mesh need to be? Like those rather porous screens at the base some house foundations or finer and firmer?
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Posted By bradshwart

accelerating from a stop

Anyone know what might be happening when there is delayed acceleration from a stop (automatic audi a4 2007). The transmission doesn't seem to catch instantly. I used to have that problem on an...
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