lined draperies


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Unhappy lined draperies

I am looking in vain for instructions on how to sew lined draperies. I do not need a book, just want a 1-2 page print out. I want them to be professional looking, with the 1 1/2" turn in on the inside. You can tell I am quite the sewer, so it has to be in simple terms. The lining is cut smaller than the drapery material itself, that much I know. Thanks!!
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i, too, searched without finding a nice & simple instruction sheet! what i did find was a website for professionals (and amateurs) in the custom home furnishings industry. they have a community forum just like this one, but it's aimed more at professional-level projects, not the more usual quick & easy ones (which almost NEVER use lining at all!) so, if you don't get an answer here, you might post your question to them at and see if they can help you out.

i must say - i'm impressed that you're willing and able to make your own lined draperies. the most i've ever done myself was a no-sew swag using fusable tape! i'm sure yours will look much nicer & more professional! good luck!

P.S. i'm also going to place a copy of your post in the Needlework forum, maybe catching the eye of an experienced seamstress there!
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Lightbulb lined draperies

Good idea, will ask at that website. I also want to mitre the hems. Only sewing straight lines, so should not be that hard. I even tried to find a pattern, but no luck. Maybe somebody can help there. THanks!!
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I made a lined drapery for my living room 2 yrs ago.

Not sure if I can describe it with words. But here is how it's done:

cut lining to about 5" less in width than the fabric for the drape.
the lining should be about 4" shorter than the fabric
put the lining on top of the fabric (front side up)
sew along both sides, so the lining align with the fabric,
turn it over
center the lining and iron the edge
fold the bottom 4" of the fabric and hem it to the lining.

I can try to find the instruction if you still need it.


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