Sewing Satin on a Singer


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Sewing Satin on a Singer

My wife restored an old singer model 99 and it works fine except that it wont sew satin worth a darn. The book said to adjust a small knob on the top of the machine to increase the downpressure, but it didnt help at all. The needle wouldnt pick up the thread from the bobbin, and Im embarrased to say that I know what that does! It sews cotton just like it was a new machine.
Its a 1955 model #99. Any Ideas?
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Perhaps switching to fine cotton-wrapped polyester thread or lingerie thread would be helpful as well as switching to smaller stitch length about 10-15 per inch. Increasing the pressure on the presser foot may be helpful with some lightweight satins.
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What do the stitches look like while sewing the fabric? You may actually have to release some tension on the bobbin while increase the tension at the top.

If the feeder is giving you grief, then you may have to use either an embroidery plate over the feeder or try using a walking foot to help move the top and bottom pieces of satin in unison. Please don't ask me where to get a walking foot since I'm currently looking for one myself. If someone else knows where to find one, please let me know!

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Red face Walking feet


I dont know if you have had a reply to your question. I have just joined the forum and found this thread while reading.

Any shop that sells sewing machines and accessories should be able to sell you a walking foot. I bought mine from a sewing machine shop.

Good luck
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you can also iron on fusible fabric to the back of the satin this will help alot.

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