help with cutting sheers


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help with cutting sheers

I am making sheers for a large window (113") I am rail roading the fabric so there will be no seams in the 2 panels. I am adding a diamond top with sherring tape. When it comes to cutting down the fabric how do I cut 113" straight? Finished length will be 68" the fabric is 120" wide ( when the fabric was bought we were going to make then to the floor but there are heating ducts and we don't want to block them. Left over fabric will be used on small window.What is the best way to cut about 40" off the fabric straight? Should I pull the threads but they keep breaking?
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Pulling threads is the best and easiest way. Sometimes the thread does break while pulling. You need to cut on that line, up to where it broke, then grab that piece and pull some more. This will still be easier than trying to keep the sheer still and trying to measure. Sometimes it helps to pull it slowly and kind of shir it along as you pull.
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Thank you

Shadeladie Thank you so much for the help with cutting the sheer fabric. The curtains are coming out great.

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