adding fabric to table skirt


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adding fabric to table skirt

Was wondering if anyone out there could take me through the steps to add a contrasting piece of fabric to the bottom of a round tableskirt so that I can match it to my drapes.
Thank you so much!
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Hi, I'll try to explain but it's not simple. You'll need to cut the fabric on the bias and you'll need to cut it to the shape of the bottom of the skirt. You didn't say if you want to add the band to the bottom to also lengthen or just on top of the bottom or inset it up a bit, so I'll assume you want to add it on top of the bottom. It'll be easier if you cut 8 pieces (will look like smiles) and sew them together to create a big circle. To make the pattern it'll be easier if you fold your tablecloth again and again into an eighth, so it looks like a piece of pie. Then trace along the bottom onto something (I use pattern paper but you could use a paper bag or whatever you have). Now you'll have your bottom curve, then remove the paper, measure up and make dots to whatever size band you want, then connect the dots. This is now your band size and to that you'll need to add an inch (1/2" top and bottom) for seam allowance. You'll also need to add 1/2" to each side for sa. This will now be your pattern piece. Trace 8 of these onto your bias folded contrast fabric, cut and sew them together to make a large circle.
If possible, get a disappearing marking pen because you'll need to draw a line, the size of your band, on the tablecloth at the bottom, iow if your band is 3", draw a line 3" up. Then press a 1/2" sa down, from the top of the band, and sew right below the folded edge to the line you made on the tablecloth, face to face, making sure the band is going upward, so you can turn the band down when you're done and then trim the seam allowance. Oh and as you come near the end of sewing the band on, if the band is a little big or small, you may need to rip out one seam and adjust rather than sew an ill fit and also try to ease the band on as you sew, so it doesn't pucker. Now to finish the bottom, you'll either need to line it or make a facing and if you make some welt to go in between, that would really be a nice touch. Now pin the band on neatly all the way around so it doesn't move while finishing the bottom. Then if you're adding cording, sew it at the bottom now. If you want to line it, let me know and I'll tell you how to do it neatly. If it'll be unlined, then you'll need to cut 8 more of those pattern pieces to make your facing, sew together just like the band, then pin on the front, face to face, sew together at the bottom, turn to the back, press in a 1/2" sa, then either handstitch down or use fusible tape (the 1/2" Steam-A-Seam 2 works well).
Hope this is understandable, let me know if you have any questions.
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