How do i sew on "sew on patches"


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How do i sew on "sew on patches"

I've never even picked up a needle and thread before, well in mandatory home ec. Anyway i bought a new sweater and want to put some patches on it. How do i sew them on and make it so that you can't see the stitching on the front? Also how do i know if any of my patches are iron on? I didn't buy these patches and a couple of them have like almost kind of a wax paper on the back of them. I don't want to wreck this sweater as it cost me quit a lot of money but i do want the patches on it.
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Patches work better on a closely woven fabric. If sweater is loosely woven, say a cable knit, it's likely patches will not look right or perform up to your expectations. There are iron on patches. On the back there is usually a shiny looking backing that will melt when heat from iron is applied.

Some patches are sewn on. These can be whip stitched or blind stitched. If you have never picked up a needle, your dry cleaner may be able to stitch them on for you if you pin them where you want them. Perhaps a relative or friend can sew them on for you. Perhaps there is a seamstress in your neighborhood that would stitch on the patches.
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that shiny stuff on the backs of patches isn't always adhesive. recently i had to attach several cub scout patches on a shirt, and they all had shiny backs, but after holding an iron on them for a while, NONE adhered. apparently that shiny stuff is sometimes just the back of the patch! no adhesive.

i whip stitched around each one using thread that matched the edge of the patch, so it was fairly unnoticeable.

be sure to use a thimble. pushing a needle through a stiff/thick patch hurts after a while.

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