Crochet - help wanted


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Crochet - help wanted

Hi all

Iím new here but I hope that I can get some advice. I love to crochet but I donít need anything more for myself or my family. I want to continue making pretty and useful items such as baby shawls. My question is: Can I sell these items fairly easily for a decent price? How should I go about it?

Thanks for your thoughts on this subject.


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Welcome to the DIY forums Unity

Just my thoughts...

What's "decent" $$$ to you? One thing you can do is search on Ebay and see how much they get sold for or if a lot of people are looking to buy them. See what it would cost you in materials. If the time amount you spend on the materials, making it, posting it up on that site and you profit and it's well worth it to may just work.

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This craft is one of the most prevalent on Ebay. Your selling price probably will not cover the cost of materials. Sorry to be so negative, but we have already tried it.

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