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Cool Wedding Canopy

I am trying to make a canopy to cover an industrial ceiling. The size of the room is 42 ft by 36 ft. The tallest part of the ceiling is 30 ft down to 14 ft.
The roof 4/12 pitch. There are exposed beams with hanging lights that are 15 ft off the floor.
I have several choices of fabric weights, not sure what is too heavy and what is too light to hold the pull of weight while suspended.
I am interested in placing white string lights(Christmas lights) on top of the canopy.
Am I asking the impossible?
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I haven't answered this because it's a bit beyond my scope, but have you considered hiring someone that specializes in this sort of thing as I don't think it's a DIY job. What were you planning on hanging it from? You'd need to make sure it's structurely sound just to insure nothing comes falling down. How will you even get up there? As for fabric, I'd use something lightweight, like sheers, semi-sheers or muslin but if it's in a public place with a large amount of people you also need to check with the fire marshall because most places will have fire laws that mandate that fireproof fabrics need to be used. That means the fabric has to be sent to a company that fireproofs it. Not sure what design you're thinking of making but for such a large expanse, you may be looking at hundred's of yards of fabrics. Even the smallest of things take a lot more fabric than you realize. If you want to hang lights on top of the fabric then it would definitely need to be fireproofed and again you may need to check with the fire marshall to see if this is even allowed.

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