broken zipper


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broken zipper

I washed my favorite sweater tonight and when I pulled it from the dryer I noticed it wasn't quite right. I have one of those "energy efficient" washer and dryers and this is my third clothing casualty since we bought them. Straps and zippers and strings occasional get caught in gap just inside of the door and it rips them. I had to toss my favorite camisole and rig my sweat pants so I could tie them. This time it's my zipper.

I'm not sure of the technical terms, so I'll try to be as clear as I can.

The dryer ripped off the slider (the thing that actually zips my sweater closed). Is is fixable? How does one go about it? Please help!
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Unfortunately, no it's not fixable. It's needs to be replaced with a new one. Even if you could fix it, the zipper would first have to be removed, so it would be much easier to just sew a new one in. Some cleaners offer this service.

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