What Is This?


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What Is This?

This is out of my mom's sewing bag and I'm not sure what it is used for. It's 8 in long and the handle is 1 inch in diameter. Link to pix below.


Thx, Bob
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Looks to me like a spool of yarn or similar would snap on to the end with "wings"...and the other end is just a handle.
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Well, I have no idea what it is, but I'm pretty sure it has nothing to do with yarn, lol!
I don't think it has anything to do with sewing.
My guess would be something like a lint picker upper type thing or might be a pin picker upper too. Probably something that can be taken off for cleaning or replacing.
However, just a guess, not 100%.
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It's a handle for something that comes on a roll; tape, stretch wrap, piping... I have similar ones in my warehouse used for stretch wrap. The cardboard tube core slides on the bottom end (in your picture) and you hold onto the top curvy part as the handle.

Or your could follow Shadeladie's lead and let your mind slip a bit into the gutter.
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I think Shadelady has nailed it...

I just went in and looked at our adhesive lint remover roller and it's almost identical. Ours is blue with a solid handle but the wings look exactly the same. Yours is missing the cap that would snap on the ball end to hold the roll of tape.

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