Janome Memory Craft 9000


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Janome Memory Craft 9000

A Janome Memory Craft 9000 and Customizer 2000 software and memory card writer have just fallen in my lap. Does anyone have experience with this machine & software? It is much more machine and computer than I am used to and feel a bit in over my head. I'd love to do some embroidery with it and would appreciate any tips or advice.

I've gotten the Customizer software loaded on the computer. .BMP file imported and I'm hit by my first roadblock. I don't have a computer that has a serial port.

I have the manuals and I think all the paperwork for both the machine and software my wife says I'm suffering from "man syndrome" by refusing to read the manuals.
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The sewing machine is working well and it is doing embroidery properly. The trouble I'm having is that the connecting stitch between letters is getting buried under following stitches making it difficult to remove. Does anyone know how to minimize the problem?

For example to stitch the word "forum" it does the letter "f" first then the "m" leaving a connecting thread between the two letters. It comes back and does the "o" the "u" and then the "r" with all the connecting stitches getting buried under the following stitches. That's a lot of picking and cutting. Instead of one connecting stitch between letters I've got 4 or more connectors between some letters.
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Embroidery machines are one thing I'm not familiar with, so can't help you.
Janome has a forum on their website. Maybe try posting there. They can probably help.

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