Pergo: Glued vs. Glueless? Help!


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Pergo: Glued vs. Glueless? Help!

Hi everyone. I'm brand new to the forum and to do-it-yourself projects in general. However, I'm a quick study and fortunately, my fiance' is relatively handy.

We already have the glued variety Pergo installed in our
kitchen, dining area, and entryway and absolutely love it. The existing Pergo was installed for us before we moved into the home.

We have three cats who have done considerable damage to our carpet in several areas, in addition to the wear and tear that occurs from over two years of use of cheap carpet. Instead of getting new carpet for these areas, we've decided to go with Pergo for the entire rest of the house, save for the bathrooms.
The areas to be Pergo'd are three bedrooms, two hallways, stairs, and a living room.

After watching a DIY video, reading a book, and talking with several people, we were ready to order the materials and install the Pergo Express glueless flooring. However, last night my fiance talked to a friend of his who said that he had walked on glueless Pergo, and that it moved around a lot and was unstable.

Since we're talking thousands of dollars here, this comment has us very concerned. While I would guess that Pergo would not sell an inferior product, I'm wondering if perhaps we should just bite the bullet and install the glued variety, which we know
works great.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Glued versus glueless laminate

While glueless laminate is one of the hottest new products on the market and favored by the DIYer because of ease of installation, you might want to stay with a glued product as you have glue down installation in the rest of your home. Note: Pergo is not the only laminate manufacturer. Each laminate manufacturer tends to produce a good, better, best level of quality and warranties. Shop around and compare apples to apples.
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This my opinion from an installer's viewpoint. There are alot of "glueless" laminate and some glueless engineered hardwood products on the market now.

There are also alot of different joinery systems that make them a glueless product. Different terms too such as click, clic, snap, lock, loc, ect..

The best system out today in my opinion would be the "UNICLIC" joinery system. I've been pretty impressed with that one. I am not familiar with the Pergo Express flooring but I have installed the Pergo "Presto" which uses the UNICLIC system.

Jerry T
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Proper site preperation and condition are key. Because you will have a large area it may be wise to use an acoustical underlayment. I like the sponge rubber variety and the test results that "Silent Walk" and "Tranquility" have delivered. Proper installation will provide a stable floor. The "Presto" and the "Express" both use the Uniclic assembly system although they are made in different factories. If the existing Pergo is 8MM thick as the Presto and Express are they should be compatible. That said an exact color match may not be possible.
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Sounds like a mixed consensus ...

Hi all,

Thanks for your input. Maybe some additional clarification
is needed ...

What we have currently is Pergo Classic in Mature
Pine (PD 9400). We're looking at getting Pergo Express in
Mature Pine (PA 5810) from for most
of the house, but getting the Dark Cherry (PA 5809) for
all of the bedrooms. The size dimensions for the Express,
from the Web site are as follows:

Plank Size 50.55" x 7.64"
Plank Thickness -- 8 MM
21.43 Sq. Ft. Per Carton
40 Lbs. Per Carton

I agree that floor prep and underlayment are crucial elements
to the successful installation of any floor, but am still torn
between the Pergo Classic and the Pergo Express.

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You should dance with what brung ya.

You seem to be thrilled with the floor you have now so why change anything? But its not my house and not my money.

Do you have a concern that you may not be able to install the glued type yourself?

Have a great holiday,
Jerry Thomas
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A clarification

Hi Jerry,

Thanks for your reply. A couple of things:

1. Yes, we have some existing Pergo Classic (glued variety)
in our kitchen, dining room, and front entryway. All of the
other areas (except bathrooms) are wall-to-wall carpet.

We're not looking to replace our existing Pergo. Rather,
we want to put yet more Pergo in where the wall-to-wall
carpet is.

2. We would *prefer* to install Pergo Express (glueless)
in these areas that are currently carpet, due to the ease
of installation. However, we were warned by a contractor friend
who had once walked on a glueless laminate floor that it
seemed to "move around a lot".

HOWEVER, after attending the laminate flooring class
at Home Depot this weekend and asking some
specific questions, I'm inclined to go with the
Pergo Express after all. I'm guessing that this contractor
friend may have walked on a floor that was not installed

Also, the guy at Home Depot didn't see any problem
with mixing glued and glueless varieties of Pergo in
our home, since it will be in separate rooms.

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