Removing Wood Around Concrete Floor


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Removing Wood Around Concrete Floor

Hi all,

I am a new home owner and recently found out that I had termites in my garage. My exterminator recommending removing the based wood around the floor of the garage to prevent further infestation.I believe that this was left over from when the house was being built as a frame. The wood was covered with concrete and painted. However, it is about 3 inches think and extremely hard to remove. This is partially because it is joined to the floor with concrete. I have tried using a crow bar and hammer to remove the wood in front of the garage to house door. However, this did not work and I had to break off small pieces of wood at at time with the crowbar. To make matters worst, the next portion of the wood to be removed is under the garage wall (dry wall). Is there a specialized tool for doing this job? How can I get this done quicker and properly?

I've place pictures of the problem area on the follwing website. I'de really appreciate any advice that you can offer.

Pictures of Problem Area

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A bit of advice. I had termites in the past when i was in Houston, TX. I also got quite an education about these pesty lil critters.

What it cam down to was getting a GOOD exterminator. After 18 months i got one and never had a termite problem again.

Removing the wood in the garage will not remove the problem. this will only cause them to move to another location. Termites forage underground and will eventually just find the framing of your home. The "swarmers" will carry messages back to where the good food is that is close buy.

A good pest controller will plant traps, spry, seal cracks etc. when they can not get to food they will eat traps, die and/or move on.

This is a very large problem in Houston for older wood homes. We have all done the same thing.

If you can not find a goood termite person locally or if you need some advice you may want to make a long distance call to areas that have alot of termite problems such as houston and ask them what to do or who they can refer.

One last thing. Home Depot sells bait traps which will help temporarily and slow down the process until you find an answer.

Best of luck.

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Thanks for the tips. I have a contract with one of the 2 main termite exterminators in Atlanta (Arrow Exterminators). They told me to remove the wood. They planted traps around the yard. But these seem ineffective. They have been spraying termidor arond the infected area. They have not sealed any cracks, however. I've been doing this myself.
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