Patching existing engineered hardwood floor


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Patching existing engineered hardwood floor

We recently did some kitchen remodeling. We already had nice hardwood floors to begin with so we didn't want to damage them. However, we did remove a bar and replaced it with an island. As a result there is a small area in the kitchen that has some concrete exposed. The floor is glued onto concrete with a vinyl moisture barrier in between.

We knew exactly what kind of hardwood floors we had (3" wide, 3/8" thick Bruce engineered hardwood) and its exact color (Oak - Natural), so we purchased a new box and we were happy to discover that the color actually matched our floor.

Unfortunately, when I began to patch the floor I discovered that whoever installed the original floor didn't quite do a great job of working around the original bar. As a result, after I placed all the new boards into place, I found that I have a small gap that is 1/4" at its widest point and which tapers down to 0". The gap is about 2 feet long. Apparently, the original flooring wasn't quite parallel around the bar.

I haven't actually glued anything down yet.

Any suggestions on how I go about fixing this? As I see it I have only a couple of options (short of redoing the entire floor):

A). I can use some wood filler to fill in the gap, sand it, finish it to match the wood color, and seal it.

B). Something else?

I'd really appreciate any suggestions. The rest of the floor is in great shape and we would hate to get rid of it (not to mention the cost!)

Aside from the gap, the new patch looks great with the existing flooring...


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If the gap is along the new island i would not concern myself with filling sanding etc. You can use a shoe molding or qrt round to take care of the gap..

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Thanks for replying Philntoni. Unfortunately, the gap between the hardwood boards is perpendicular to the island and is between the island and the counter with the sink...

Is filling a good idea? Will it work?


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If it is a result of the island not fitting the area and is smaller then the previous counter. board replacement or some ingenious trim will work. If it is out in the field,then cheat each row a tad. Then go to your favorite home improvement store, back by the paint section and buy a small thing of colored wood filler to match your floor. buy several shades just in case. They are only $1.99 for the small putty container. Spread it in with your thumb, back and forth across and down the cracks. Then take a clean white towel, with a little mineral spirits and wipe with the grain of the wood.
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