75lb dog, will a laminate hold up?


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75lb dog, will a laminate hold up?

I have been trying to decide what to do with our floors and have come to a few conclusions since visiting this site. We would prefer to do the work our selves and have picked a color and brand (Pergo). Our current hardwood floors have not stood up to the dog test, we love them but they just don't look as good as they used to and to be realistic, will they last with a big dog?
Will they stand the test of time? Do I have concerns, we were thinking of the snap & lock system.
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A Laminate, if it works with your decor, is about as good as it gets with kids and dogs, even big ones, dogs that is cause big kids wear spikes and play ball and stuff. ;-) Really, you should do fine with the Pergo.
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Just my opinion, but i would stay away from Pergo. There are many types of laminates out there and Pergo is not in the top.

As an installer i will no longer install a pergo floor.

I have replaced 6 of 7 floors for other people customers that were Pergo.

Laminate floors are great and they are the best for kids and animals next to tile.

I have a 105lb rott. and have no scratches on my floor.

You can, possibly save your current wood floors if you are willing to put in the work. Write me direct if interested and i will walk you through it.

Best of luck.

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Our two labs have yet to put a scratch in our Formica Laminate floor. If they haven't had their nails trimmed for a while they spin their wheels trying to get a running start or getting stopped on it but nary a scratch. I am putting Columbia Clic in a bedroom this weekend. I will let you know how that holds up.
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I have a lab and a dalmation - they are always tearing through the hoose. No scratches at all. The only thing to be worried about in my experience is putting pads under furniture so they don't scratch when they move.
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Exclamation 75 lb dog

Caution regarding pets on a laminate floor. The problem is not that they might scratch or gouge.

Even a well trained dog can have an occassional mistake, or get sick. If a puddle lingers overnight (or all day if you work) it will seep into and ruin your floor. Of the two, doggy vomit seems to be the worst, probably because of the acid.
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What kind of laminate doesn't scratch?

I already posted under "laminates" and my floor is so scratched up with two 50 lbs dogs. I admit it was bought at Costco (Allegria) but I had no idea that it would scratch as bad as it did. I'm thinking about applying Polyurathane to cover the scratches. I tried a small area and it looks great, super glossy and the scratches are gone! Will the Polyurathane work on laminate? Is there something else that will add shine and cover the scratches? I don't even mind if there's some floor wax that I have to apply weekly, I just want my floor back. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Help!
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What brand was it. Our Formica and Columbia have both held up well. Knock on engineered wood products.
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Engineered wood products? Engineered paper maybe. There is nothing engineered about laminates, and should not be confused with engineered hardwood.

Laminates were made so things don't stick to them. urethane is only going to peel off and look unsightly, certainly worse then it is now.

Doesn't that laminate have a guaranty, or is that why it was so CHEAP.
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