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Question straight scoop on Pergo Preferred

I've got my flooring choices narrowed down to 2: Pergo Preferred Planks and Wilsonart Classic Planks. Both are great products, but Consumer Reports (February, 2001) endorses Pergo Preferred as the superior product. So what's my dilemma? Well, wanting to see a larger example of the Pergo option, I went searching locally, but couldn't find Pergo anywhere except at Home Depot (Pergo website lists Home Depot as IT for the entire Kansas City metropolitan area). The explanation one salesman (a 43 year veteran of flooring sales) gave me for why their store doesn't carry anything made by Pergo is because of the product's history of poor performance (an unbalanced product from the core not being as strong as the plastic top layers, resulting in "banana boards" after a few years) compounded by even poorer manufacturer support (Pergo didn't stand behind their product, so dealers quit carrying it--a bright red flag to a consumer).

This may be a situation of "that was then and this is now," as I've read that in 2000 the core was reengineered, from the previous product of the same name, and is now constructed of a high density material. My three question-areas are:
1) Does the reengineered core of Pergo Preferred resolve the previous problems?
2) What has been your experience, regarding this specific product, including but not limited to "banana boards," & regarding Pergo's committment to standing behind all of its products?
3) Is installation of one of these two products easier than that of the other?

Responses to this posting will be a determining factor as to in which product I'll choose to invest. Thanks.
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Exclamation correction to my own posting

wrong product: Pergo Select is the product to which all named references should have been made, not Pergo Preferred. It was late. . .
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Pergo Select is definetly a "new and improved" when compared to Pergo Original.
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I would stay away from PERGO period !!!

Try calling customer service for a warranty issue !! good luck.

I will not install it as an installer, my vendor won't even stock it. Many friends also feel the same. Why deal with a problem product.

Look at wilsonart, Bruce, and quick step. Pleanty of sellections, far better products.

Best of luck.

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In another post I recomended a customer not shy away from Wilsonart becasue they released a product called ulta that failed. I did not want to bash Pergo, and still don't, but I have to agree, Wislonart is a much better product for a few pennies more. Both Pergo and Wilsonart have great faces, the actual walking surface, but Pergo substrate is infferior compared to Wilsonarts, and the others metioned. I allways thought, in my oppinion, Wilsonart had better more realistic patterns as well. Another aspect to consider is the trim peices!!!! Pergo trim is not laminated, and not nealy as scratch, water, dent proof as Wilsonarts laminated trim peices. Wilsonarts Trim is covered in the same laminate as the floor you choose, matching exactly, and ever so durable, but more expensive. Pergo is the popular choice as they do all the advertising, and have been the leader in sales since the dawn of laminate. I am not sure about warranty concerns regarding Pergo so I will not comment on that issue. Sears looked at 7 different laminates, and decided to carry Wilsonart based on the probable failure of a particular floor. The main difference in pergo select or prefered is the patterns are more intricate, they may also have a better substrate than classic, been a year since in the business so I cannot comment on this either. Hope this helps, take care and good luck Tom
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