Need to remove carpet tacking

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Question Need to remove carpet tacking

My cat killed my carpet, so I have removed it and plan to begin the process of replacing it with wood flooring (my husband and I haven't agreed on the actually flooring yet). I just HAD to get rid of that stinky carpet, so I've got a good start on the project.

The carpet is out, but now there are carpet tacking strips all around the edge of the room driven into the concrete.

How can I remove these tacking strips?


P.S. Two other questions while I am thinking of it:
- There is dampness and mildew in one corner. How can I tell if the moisture is just from the cat or somehow from outside?

- What cleaner can I use to get the cat urine smell off of the concrete so that the cat won't think to pee on the new wood floor?
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Take a chisel and hammer. Hit the tackstrip right where the nail is holding it to the floor, with a couple 3 hard hits until it pops the nail loose and the tackstrip is free.

You will have to keep an eye on the mildew. Cat pee won't show mildew. Too much acid. You have moisture from something somewhere causing the mildew.

I use bleach to rid cat urine. Be sure to open windows and use a fan when doing so. It will off gas when the bleach touches the urine.

Encapsulation of the urine is also suggested.
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Make sure you wear safety glasses, you will soon see the concrete fly when you break up the tack strips. Get a $2.00 pry bar, hit it at the nails and pop them up. Gloves would not be a bad idea either. No job is worth getting injured!!!!
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Smile tackings out

Thanks for the advice! I have removed the tacking strips, I didn't have a chisel or a pry bar, but I do have an old steel flat head screwdriver. Thought about safety equipment when I was already halfway done with the room. But luckily I was not injured.

Glad to hear that the concrete breaking away around the nails is not unusual. I was worried I was doing something wrong.

What does encapsulation mean in regards to urine?

Bleach+Ammonia=Mustard Gas! Thanks for the reminder, Perry. I will be sure to keep the windows open.

I'll be headed to the hardware store in an hour with my husband to pick out the type of flooring we will be using. I'll ask about encapsulation there too.

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don't they sell something at pet supply stores to neutralize urine odors?
Besides using bleach there is another disinfectant called commonly "Quats" which is usually available at janitorial supply places. Hospitals use this to clean everything. Also works on mildew.

To test for moisture comming up through the slab an easy test is to tape down a piece of a heavy plactic drop cloth and see if moisture appears. There are other tests available too plus an electronic moisture meter.
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Just my 2 cents but they also have paints that you can use to seal the floor and get rid of the cat urine also. It pains me to tell someone to paint but concrete who cares right!!!

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Paint, concrete and hardwood flooring

Will the glue for the flooring stick to the floor if I paint it?
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There's stuff at pet stores called Natures Miracle that will get rid of urine smell. there's even a concentrated form for skunk spray.

I've heard that you can use a black light to find all the spots your cat urinated. Since you carpet is up. You want to remove it all.

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