Hardwood finish?


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Hardwood finish?

I asked previously if there is a good product out there I might want to take a look at when finishing my new quarter sawn rustic oak planks 3/4" by 3"and 4" varied lenght? I would like a finish that would give a rustic reclaimed look without it changing over the years. I was told to look into oil stain and finish because the oak will take it much more evenly. I take by the lack of any reply to my previous inquiry that there is neither any one with the experiance to answer this question or I'm not giving enough details? Anyways around it thanks for any help you can give me.
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Locy's Hardwood
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Why do you want to stain? If you use an oil based poly it will slightly amber the wood and in time will turn the golden color you wish to achieve. If you stain the wood it will speed up the aging process by giving you the color you want imediately but will darken with age. Choosing to stain a floor is a difficult decision. You have to take into account the long turn effects of the stain. They do have uv formulated poly available to try to help reduce the effects of light on the floor but have not been in use for very long. Contact a pro in your area and get some estimates and feed back . www.hardwoodinstaller.com can help you to find a good pro in your area Kens site is one of the best.

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David Leonard
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Minwax oil-based stains are very reliable. They've been around for years. Don't use the water based stains. They are like a latex coating. Take your choice of darkness from their charts. Every stain will be darker than the charts after you cover it with poly. Water based poly wil give a crystal clear coating that is advertised not to yellow or change with age. Oil based poly will yellow over time, changing the appearance of the stain.
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Thank you for giving me the info I need to do it myself.

David. I appreciate the info and this sets up the next set of questions I need to ask so I can make my decisions regarding the finish I am to apply. I will be working with some sample boards and stain finish combos. What are the pros and cons to using water base or oil base finish both at application and several years down the road? Things such as wear, color change, application etc? I have used both forms of finish on wood projects in the past. I always liked the way the oil-based products came out and only use oil base now. But I don't want that to prejudice me regarding finishing the wood floor.
Thanks: Spoony
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