installation of laminate flooring

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installation of laminate flooring

does it matter which way I lay the floor. I'd prefer to do the lenght of the room. Also, if my starting with is 7.5 and my finishing wall is 5, should I worry about this or leave it? Should they be totally equal.
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Please explain, "my starting with is 7.5 and my finishing wall is 5"

Normally the short end of the planks should face the primary light source in the room.
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The direction in which you install the planks is purely cosmetic, there is no "structural" purpose to it, nor will the direction they are installed affect the warranty. However, they definitely look better when installed parallel to incoming light. If you have multiple light sources to consider, you just pick one.

No, the planks do not have to be equal at the ends, but if you end up with a one or two inch piece, it's just a little more of a pain to deal with.

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I'd prefer to do the lenght of the room.

Since your room is rectangular, I would tend to agree and have seen many rooms done this way. Even though this would put our floor perpendicular to the primary light shaft (light flowing across the planks instead of along the long joints), from the installation and overall asthetic standpoint, I like this installation the best.

From my perusal of the installation manual, I see no inhibitions regarding direction, from a structural standpoint anyway. The joints are to be staggered, in roughly one foot increments from 4' to 1', in the first four rows, and then repeated, at least according to the installation manual which accompanied our Wilsonart floor. Our particular floor needs to be laid from right to left because of how it locks together.

If you can find an installation manual online, as we did for our floor, prior to purchase, it will answer many of your questions. See here for the .pdf manual for our floor. Maybe the pictures and verbage might give you a general idea.

Good luck!


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