Mixing Hardwood and Ceramic Tile

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Mixing Hardwood and Ceramic Tile

I am going to be mixing hardwood and ceramic tile in a foyer and a hallway. I have read where the tile should be installed first, but it seams to me that if I install the hardwood first, I am thereby boxing the tile area, making the install easier. Any words of wisdom.
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Temporary opinion from a DIYer

Replies from the experts tend to be slow on weekends, so I will put in my 2 cents until someone who really knows replies. Two posters here AZfred and Lisa Cea are overwhlmingly more qualified to give an answer.
To me the question is awkward and complicated.
One consideration is which medium is more likely to cause harm to the other. Tile is a wet install and wood does not like moisture. I would guess pros say tile first for that reason.
Second considerration is which medium is more readily adaptable to the "oops factor" and which looks better if you have to take an extra 1/4 inch off. Some of this is subjective. A non-square tile looks bad unless it is clearly a border. Some is going to depend on info not available to us and your skill level. The other thing is wther the wood is perpendicular to the tile or parrallel, and whether it is an whole area or a section like an entryway. An entry way says adapt the wood to the tile since it is so visible but whatever transition is going to be very visible.
3 measure whatever with as much precision as possible and do not depend on everything woking perfect.
DO not forget an expansion area and remember the tile area may be altered in size to accomodate wood considerations with a border and do not forget to count grout lines in calculations of size. Check materials for precsion of tolerances, remeber cheaper may mean less precise material. A 1/32nd inch wider grout line on each of 8 tiles may not be noticeable but a 1/4 inch on one is. Part of this depends on #s of tiles and #'s of pieces of wood.
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i have done a few of these type of installs and find that is easier to put the wood in first then the tile for a few reasons,first you can alter the heighth of the tile you cannot do that with the wood also if the tile or wood is to be run at a diagonal to the other then it is easier to square the wood up than to square the tile up then run the wood,make sense?It's better to make a picture frame out of the wood than try to frame around something that is already there especially if it is out of square to the thing you are framing around

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