Witex Speedy

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Witex Speedy

My head is starting to hurt from looking at all of the products on the market. We found Witex Speedy at a local floor shop. It's 1.39/SF and we like the color. The other we have found is a Pergo from Lowes that is $3.57/sf. I have samples of both and there is a noticeable difference in thickness between the 2. My question is has anybody had experience with the Witex Speedy product and how does it hold up. The price is attractive but I do not want to have replace it in 5 years.
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Well, depending on how hard you are on your floors, you probably will not be replacing the speedy in 5 years, more like 10 though. To put it simply, buying flooring is like a vegas crap shoot, if you buy a better product, the odds are better that it will perform alot better and last longer, but I have seen some folks make the cheapest flooring last a heck of a long time, although it is rare.
Evaluate your situation,
how hard are you on the floors
what traffic is this floor expecting to see
how long are you going to be in the home

I DO know that speedy is the most affordable in the line and does not have alot of bells and whistles, so it is designed for low traffic areas.
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wood flooring

florcraft has spoken with great advice. There are so many products and so many price ranges available that it can make one dizzy. Purchase the best product that you can afford with the best warranty, Unless you are bottom-line shopping and looking for an off-all product, you should shop around and look all the major manufacturers and the good, better, best line of products available. As quality and warranty increases you will tend to fine that $$ increases.
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I've installed a lot of both Witex and Pergo, and I'd have to say that Witex is more of a mediocore floor. I've never been a huge Pergo fan either though. I know you are taking price into consideration, but if you are already considering spending the 3.57 per foot for the Pergo, see if any of your local shops carry the Wilsonart brand. It's the best quality laminate out there and probably won't be a whole lot more than the price you're seeing for the Pergo. (depends on the shop, but it might be worth looking into)

Floorcraft's advice is good, do your homework and get the best floor with the best warranty that you can afford.

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Need More Advice

Thank You for the reply's. I have been further researching floors the last few days and have decided to go with the real thing. Site Finished. Talk about a 180. Now my dilema is what are the better brands of Un-Finished strip woods and mfg.'s? I cannot find any good info on un-finished products like there is on laminate floors. Are some poly-u brands better than others? The finishers are charging 1.65/sq to sand and 3 coats of poly. Is this a good price.
I have an existing PF HW floor in my hallways that the finishers say they can sand and make look good. It is ok to sand the PF hardwoods once?
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BTW this site is awesome!

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1.65 to sand and apply poly. Thats a good price. Around here, in central Pa, they get 2.25 to sand and 2.25 to apply two coats of poly. I just put in a floor and called around to have it sanded after numerous bids I ended up paying $5.00 square foot (wasn't the highest, nor the lowest but this guy came highly recommeded by a lot of people) to have it done. That included sanded, stained and 2 coats of poly. Most of the guys around here charge 2-2.35 a square foot with a minimum of $400. to start the job.

Hope this helps

bill g

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