? For whom do flooring for a living

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? For whom do flooring for a living

In the next week here, I have to jack up my main floor using a Mircolam Beam, which when we do this, it will crack the existing tile floor.

We are going to be switching to Bellawood Pre-Finished 3/4" x 3-1/4" wide Maple.

I was told from a few people to use 15 Lbs Roofing Paper as a moisture barier. Good Advice? If not, why?

Also, What is the mininum amount of days the flooring has to sit inside of my home before I can install it?

Any other hints, tips, tricks, you could recommend to make the process go faster?

If the subfloor is just nailed down, which I think it is, should I screw it down too?

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#1 good idea

#2 72 hours

#3 smooth side up

#4 after all the movement of jacking up the floor and placing back i would most certainly screw it back down
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Wnat really stinks is that I have to uninstall the WHOLE kitchen, countertops, crown, etc.

Basically when we jack the floor back up, its going to crack the tile and shift everything. Oh, let me not forget to add there will be drywall work needed too.

I advise to anyone who has to jack up a floor, don't just figure the costs of them moving the floor alone. As soon as the floor is tweaked, the cabinets will twist and turn which will throw off their balance and alingment. Which is why I'm uninstalling the whole kitchen. LUCKY ME!!!!


Ps. Seeing as how I manufacture cabinetry/furniture for a living, I would hope to realize the "Smooth" side goes up. LOL

That is the side with the shine, right?
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I forgot to add one small detail.... The floor will be jacked up about an 1-1/2" yes, you are reading that correctly. Great Construction! Our house is 28 years old. A house in the suburbs of chicagoland

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