choices and decisions

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choices and decisions

We are in the process of remodeling a kitchen and are trying to tie up the last few design issues. The one question my wide and I cannot resolve, becasue it is difficult to visualize, is the flooring. We have a fairly large ktchen (360 sq. ft) in a Cape style home. We are replacing the cabinets with a Toffee finish which resembles the kitchen table. Our thoughts tend towards a laminate floor (4 children) but we are worried that it will be too much wood. So, the question really is: What color schemes look good without feeling like you are inside a tree? Or would ceramic tile be a better fit because the color contrast can be more decisive?
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Ask this at the decorate forum. No one in their right mind will advise on color choices etc. here. Or if you are painting and buy superior paint from a small paint store they usually have a free interior design service.
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Actually I will tackle this one:

Ceramic tile takes the moisture in the kitchen well, but it is hard and can be cold.
Laminate is great, but you need to get away from the woods. Look at the tile patterns in Laminate floor, I think you will like them, they are warm and comfy to walk and cook on.

Tile and wood is a perfect marriage.
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As one of the people who refinish and lie floors on the side, on this forum, we see all of the finished results. I do not feel that we are not in the "right mind" to suggest opinions on a few design concepts. With that said I agree with floorcraft. It may be a lot of wood for your liking. Although I have seen it done on several occasions with a wood floor and it can look stunning. A lot depends on your choice of wood for the floor and if you stain it or not. I would want to go with a darker or lighter finish than the cabinets for the floors. Many stains give a "wash" color effect if you desire that. Personaly I would opt for tile. Tile is all the rage now and for good reason. If you choose tile I would go for neutral colors which can go with any colors. This way down the road you can change wall, counter, furniture and cabinet colors without worrying about the floor too much. It is cold but depending where you live that may be a non-issue. If the kitchen is on a slab and you are in a cold area than the tile will get VERY cold. In this case you may want to go for wood or laminate. Although I am not a fan of laminates I have seen them in kitchens and it does look and feel very nice. Best of luck on you decision and if you need anymore advice feel free to ask. By the way -Welcome to the forum!!
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I am by no means a decorating or flooring expert, but facing the same dilema as you. We have a large kitchen/dining area that needs new flooring. There is already a TON of wood in the space between the cabinets, the island in the kitchen, the wood railing bordering the dining room, the dining room table and chairs, and the trim throughout the house. I really like the look of slate (and I like how it looks with the wood), but decided against actual slate because of the expense, and the precise science involved in installing tile (it's even tougher for real stone then ceramic tile, I found out). I also live in Minnesota and I did have some secondary concerns about the coldness/hardness factor. Anyway, I'm leaning towards a laminate that has the look (and some of the texture) of slate. The selection isn't as broad as what you'll find for wood finishes, but there are definately several choices out there. There are also plenty of options if you want something that looks like a ceramic tile (as opposed to slate).
Personally, I love the contrast of wood and stone/tile (even if it's fake stone/tile).

Good luck!
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Here in Alaska, we deal with alot of cold, and alot of wood in homes.
To put it simply:
You can do wood floors, but it may be a more difficult decision than picking a tile. If you live in a cold climate, or your bones need a break, real ceramic may not be a good idea, but Laminate tiles may be an easier choice to make.
Just remember moisture issues in the kitchen and stay on top of them.

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