need options to replace new engineered wood

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need options to replace new engineered wood

We recently had installed 1600 sq ft of engineered wood which immediately began to splinter. Installation was 3/8 inch plywood nailed thru existing OSB subfloor to joists and then glued down engineered wood. The manufacturer has agreed to replace the floor but I can't get either the company rep or the installer to tell me what my options are for replacement. They want to go over the new floor with another new floor but can't decide if we can nail down a real wood floor or must glue to the old(new) engineered wood floor. This has now been going on for months. Would we be better off insisting that they remove the floor and start over? Moisture was not an issue. Will glue adhere to the slick surface of the now existing engineered wood? I am desperate for some answers and advice.

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Going over the old floor is just a cheap fix for them ,get them back out there and tell them to remove that floor and get it back to the state it was in before they sold you that crap and put it in.You have to stay on theses people or they will do the very least that they have to.

Why is this stuff splintering anyway?
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If the dealer from which you bought the wood product warranties installation, then it is usually for a limited time. The installers who installed the flooring may not even be around any more. It is important that you act with haste to resolve the situation. If you purchased a product with a warranty, then both the dealer and the manufacturer should stand behind that warranty. If the dealer does not contact the manufacturer, then do so yourself. If you purchased a flooring product that had no warranty or is out of warranty, then there may be little you can do. A quality wood flooring product with a warranty should not splinter. The defective flooring should be removed and replaced.
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Thanks for telling me that I have the right to have the floor ripped up. Can the glued down wood be separated from the plywood or does everything have to come up? That sounds like a huge job.

The installer is very reputable and is willing to work with me but doesn't seem willing to commit to giving me options. The Bruce rep wants to put down a floor over this one. They seem divided on whether or not 3/8 inch plywood plus 3/8 engineered wood constitutes the equivalent of 3/4 inch plywood over which they might be able to nail instead of glue the new floor. Does that sound reasonable to you?

The splintering occurred within a week of installation and I did call immediately. They have no explanation but when he ran a finger over the edge of one of the leftover boards, it did, in fact, splinter. This is a brand new floor!

Thanks for your help.

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Post Hey Betty..

First things first... Congratulations on thinking when something happened... ALot of people just say I will call later and forget about calling... It could be numerous things that might have caused the problems... Heck it might just have been a bad batch of flooring...

But MAKE THEM tear up the old "new" floor and make sure that you have the subfloor checked before they reinstall the New floor... If it is bad or ruined it is there responsibility to replace and/or repair it for you... Get on them and keep on them, if the Manufacturer's rep doesn't want to take your call then by all means Go up the chain of command...

You would be surprised at how fast things can be taken care of the more persistant you are....

Good Luck and have a great floor...
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Do you live in a dry climate such as Arizona?

Splitting wood is a result of moisture content loss.

If it is just splintering along the edges, then it is a normal characteristic of Bruce flooring, form my dealings with them.
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depending on the adhesive used you can kiss the 3/8 plywood goodbye. Whe the floor is torn up most of the sub will be unuseable. Perry is right bruce is known for splintering along the edges even their 3/4 prefinished does it. I would have bruce pay for a new floor from another dist if you are not happy.


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