Installing Laminate around doors

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Installing Laminate around doors

First time installer and poster. This is an awesome site!!!!

My question is in regards to installing laminate flooring around doors. The instructions say to cut around doors jams etc.

Questions 1:
Do you cut a 1/4" completely around the entire doorjam?
Here is my exact situation: I am in my bedroom looking out through the door to the hallway (which is also going to have laminate installed). Do I cut the door jam begining in my room all the way through to the hallway? Does the laminante need to be notched for the space between the wall inside of the room so that a portion will go into the area were the door jam is?

Question 2:
I am using a transition (peice of plastic molding that will have a T fitting on top of it when it is done. Do I butt the floor boards from the room and the hallway up against the plastic molding or leave a 1/4"?

Question 3:
The T modling I am installing; does it go under neither the door stop or does it butt up against it? If it goes underneith, that would partially answer question 1 as far as cuting the entire door jam.

Sorry far all of the questions, what I am trying to get at is alittle hard to explain.

Thanks in advance for all of your help.
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Im a 1st timer at laminate as well, and I agree, this site is great.
From what Ive been reading..and how I see the material, I'll try to answer your questions,

1.- Yes. I gather both rooms are being laminated. So you will need to cut the jam on both sides of the room, doorway and hallway so the laminate will fit under the jam...with the 3/8'-1/4" cap required....

2.- Youll need the 1/4" expansion play at the transition you do not butt the laminate up against the plastic 'T' molding support. If you noticed, the 'T' molding is approx 3/4" on either side of the piece that snaps into the plastic support. So that 1/4" gap will be covered by the 'T' molding...

3.- The 'T' molding would butt up (or very close to) the door stop. My 'T' molding is about 1/2" to go under the door stop, would require undercutting the jams at least 1/2". I dont think putting the 'T' molding under the jam and door stop would look good (imo).

This is how I see how it should be done... but then again, this is my 1st time at it...but not the 1st time with moldings etc...
I hope that helps a bit...and perhaps some other pros on here may chime in with more info....
Good luck.........(and for me too!!)
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I Would Start In The Doorway Depending On The Layout. If You Are Trying To Run The Laminate Underneath The Door Jam, It Can Be Difficult If You Start Elsewhere. Most Laminate Clic Systems Are Clicked In On An Angle. If Your Trying Too Clic The Laminate Underneath The Doorjam, It Could Be Difficult. Cut The Door Jam, And Slide Your First Board Underneath, And Run Off From There. Some Laminates Are Easier Then Other To Fit This Way, But Looks Much Better.
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Thanks for all of the help so.

Great idea about starting at the door for those boards.

One question that hasn't been addressed yet is the notching of the board.

Do I just notch out a section of the floor board so that a portion of the board will be 1/4" from the drywall in side the room (right next to the doorway) while the other portion of the board will be longer that will go up to the plastic molding on the floor for the T cap that would be in the middle of the doorframe?

Thanks Again.

Any other tips would be greatly appreciated by myself and others!!!
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You Dont Need To Cut 1/4" Gap. Laminate Will Not Expand More Than The Thickness Of The Product ( Usually 8mm)

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