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Refinishing damaged "dog urine" floors

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10-02-04, 09:40 PM   #1  
Refinishing damaged "dog urine" floors

My Mom just died back in March and my sister and I are trying to clean up 27 years of YUCK that my Mom let accumulate after my dad died. No only was my Mom old, she had 5 VERY OLD dogs who suffered from old age incontinence. When we pulled up the carpet what had been beautiful hardwood floors when they were new are now covered in dark urine stains. We are trying to fix the house up to sell it and don't know whether to just buy some cheap carpet to cover up the floors or try to refinish them and let the new owners buy their own carpet. CAN SOMEONE OUT THERE PLEASE ADVISE ME??? This is unknown territory to me and my sister. We need to kow from someone who is knowledgable about flooring to advise us. PLEASE EMAIL ME as I always have trouble finding my way back to where I posted. Thank you, in advance, for any suggestions you can give me.
J. Bero

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10-04-04, 11:18 AM   #2  
PLEASE EMAIL ME as I always have trouble finding my way back to where I posted

READERS: please post all replies HERE so that everyone can benefit from the information!

NEWJEAN: you will receive an email notification that someone has posted a response to your post. it will contain a link directly to the reply, so you shouldn't have to "find your way back" to anything....the link will take you!

if you're not getting the email notficiations, make sure that when you're posting a New Thread, at the bottom of the page, under "Additional Options", under "Thread Subscriptions", the box is checked for "email notifications".

good luck!

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10-20-04, 04:01 PM   #3  
Urine stains on hardwood flooring

Dark urine stains can not be sanded out. At best sometimes than can be lightened with wood bleach and floors stained a dark color to camouflage them. The problem will be the urine odor. Most floor finishers will not sand urine stained wood. The ammonia in urine is activated by the sanding and the odor is breathtaking. Another problem with urine soaked wood flooring is that urine penetrates to subfloor beneath. Urine odors are more noticeable on warm humid days. Forum posters report tearing out urine soaked carpet and sealing subfloor with a couple coats of polyurethane before reinstalling carpet. If urine odor is a problem after cleaning wood floors with enzyme digester cleaner like Out, OdoBan, Nature's Miracle, etc., then the odor is in the subfloor. In that event, to eliminate the odor from subfloor, wood flooring would have to be removed and subfloor sealed before replacing floor covering. If odor is not a problem, installing carpet will be your best bet.

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07-14-13, 12:18 PM   #4  
pet odor and stains in sub floor of mobile home

I believe if I read correctly a couple coats of oil based kilz or poly urethane will kill the smell I just so happen to have some deck sealant for a new deck I installed can I use that and if I do will it reck the floor from apllying kilz later if it doesn't work it smells so bad im not sure if its in the walls to of my hall way but im hesitant to start ripping up floor and walls in a mobile hope for fear the place will fall down around me so I just want to take care of the problem without ripping things out

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07-15-13, 02:26 AM   #5  
I doubt the deck sealant will be effective ...... and it's the type that cleans up with water - it will not seal the odor!

You need to remove the floor covering in order to apply the primer. I've not heard of anyone using poly to seal in the stain/odor. Oil base Kilz will usually do ok although the ultimate stain/odor sealer is pigmented shellac [like Zinnser's BIN] Latex coatings never work on this type of issue.

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07-15-13, 10:49 AM   #6  
Oil based Kilz is what we use. Unfortunately, we do this kinda often in the units....

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