Dupont Real Touch Elite laminate--Anyone Use It?

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Dupont Real Touch Elite laminate--Anyone Use It?

This is my first post. I see that Home Depot is carrying the Real Touch Elite laminate flooring product from Dupont, which has the underlayment already applied to the plank (thus saving labor). Cost is $3.77 sq. ft., which seems comparable to other products since you don't have to purchase the underlayment. Is anyone experienced with this product? Also nowhere can I get the AC rating on the product, though Dupont warranties it for 30 years.
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We installed it in our house last month. So far we love it and are putting it in our bedroom because it looks so good in the dining room, living room, and halls.
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Just finished...

I just finished installing this in our kitchen on Tuesday night. I'm extremely pleased with the way it installed, and the way it looks.

Here are some tips you may have already come across:

- buy an undercut saw, and a 1/4" chisel. (about $10. apiece) That's about all you need to get under your door-jambs.

- if possible, start at the edge with more trouble-spots. (doorways, etc.)

- closets? don't get fancy. Stop at the doorway, then use a transition-strip and continue with scrap-pieces inside the closet.

- buy the kit. The one I got ($20 at HD) had the essential angled tool to tap the pieces together. The pieces are tongue & groove; the lower lip on the gro0ve-side sticks out farther, and has a small lip on it that locks the 2 pieces together once inserted. The tongue-side piece goes in at about a 15 degree angle, then will drop down to lock in. You usually need to tap it lightly (with the angled-tool) to get it to drop in nicely.

- the kit also has a couple of large wedges so you can line up a piece (or 2 or 3) in the groove before dropping it/them in.

- the kit also has about 50 small 1/4" spacers. Don't forget to use them.

- 1st row goes down easily. Subsequent rows get tricky: you can either:
- put in several (or all) pieces at a time. For this reason, it's better to install the rows across the shorter dimension of the room. (I.e., the 1st row goes across the short-wall, not the long-wall.) The large wedges come in real handy for this.
- you can also lay the subsequent rows one piece at a time. There are 2 ways to do this: (1 lay the 2nd piece of 2nd row very close to the prior piiece, then tap it flat. there'll be a 1/8" gap, so you must BANG the 2nd piece sideways, to close the gap with the prior piece in the same row. Be sure you have spacers at the end of the row. BE VERY CAREFUL to hold the angled-tool down tight on the edge of the piece when you bang it. IT IS VERY EASY TO CHIP THE TOP OF THE PIECE if you have to bang it very hard. The other way (2 is to do as above, but 1st cut off just the lip of the prior piece, then add white-glue to the groove. It is MUCH easier to tap the piece into the prior piece this way. (You need the glue since you removed the lip that locks the 2 pieces together.)

Here are the things I WISH I had known ahead of time:

- This is a very large tile (15.5" x 46.5"), which makes working the doorways and angled walls more difficult to work with than a narrow strip type of laminate.

- The floor REALLY DOES need to be flat. At Home Depot, they said it could be installed right over a sub-floor. (I pulled up my exisiting luan, with 2 layers of linoleum glued to it. My sub-floor is 6" t&g planks.) I had SEVERAL areas where I had to plane small imperfections in the subfloor (e.g: warped or cupped boards), otherwise the planks would not lay flat when installed. This made the job take much longer than I planned.

- b/c of the above, I SHOULD have installed a new layer of luan or plywood, to take out some of the imperfections of the sub-floor.

Good Luck.
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If your banging on a rotating lock system, like DuPont has, your making a fatal mistake!!! You WILL slit the groove, and damage the locking lip.

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