transition pieces with hardwood floors

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transition pieces with hardwood floors

I just finished installing 3 inch wide by 3/4 thick Brazilian Cherry hardwood floors. It was the toughest thing I have ever done but managed to complete it....except for those dang transition pieces. I remember reading about how not to worry about the pieces between a door and just at the end just cut it with a circular saw. But I still tried to get it pretty even so I could avoid bringing in the saw and screwing it up. I don't trust the circular saw on a "zero-mistake" job like this. I was told to just take a regular board and use it as a transition piece, but because of the precise cuts needed there are a few boards that are a millimeter off and create a slight gap. What I wanted was a T piece or something that overlapped the wood and covered up the ends anyways, so it wouldn't matter. But my wife has a problem with anything raised between the carpet and the hardwood. Wouldn't want to trip on it or stub a toe...I guess! What should I do, and are there any transition pieces that I could use other than trying to perfect fitting a regular board on the end? By the way, I have already cut 2 of the 3 areas of carpet to fit these 3 inch wide homeade transition boards...thinking it would all I don't know if I have already ruined the chance to use a true transition piece. Thanks ahead for any advice!
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At this point, it sounds like you planned for an endcap, but your wife has changed plans on you after the fact.

Tell her like any contractor would...
This is going to cost you, maam! If she won't take trade, walk off the job!!

When I get requested to do a cross board at a transition, I cut and place that piece first, and work off of it if I can, butting to it then laying away from it.

At this point, wood filler if they are not humongous gaps.

Or tell your wife to get over it and proceed with the original plan.
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i wish I would have laid the crosspiece first and then worked off of it but in the kitchen, both sides of the room required this transition piece so its just not that easy. If I was going up to a wall on the other side I'd understand. I just don't know how the wood filler will look. As long as you can't tell I'd be fine with it. To go back on my last statement.."1 millimeter gap" its about a 2-the most 3- mill. gap. in various places along the cross piece. I still might try it. There is no bending it in place either. I still wish I could create a piece to overlap it a bit. I was thinking of ripping the cross piece underneath to leave a slight over hang on top and place that over the ends, but afraid it would be weak and break easily if stepped on. Any advice?
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read it again

Read Perry's first posting for all the advice you need.
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If you are making a transition between 3/4" solid hardwood & carpet, you need a baby threshold. It gives you a flush transition between hardwood & carpet. The carpet can easily bump up against the threshold.

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