Another Laminate ? - Please

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Another Laminate ? - Please

I have done a lot of research on laminate flooring. I think I have compared apples to apples and have come up with the following: I am going to take up the putrid carpet in my bedroom. It is a slab on grade. NO moisture problem. Am a bit leary about glue down laminate flooring, and don't want sleepers for real hardwood. SO laminate is my next choice. I have boiled it down to two: Balterio 9mm-V-Grove AC 4, 25 year warranty WITH a moisture warranty, i.e. I know you cannot soak it, but.. and Kronoswiss texture. One is in the $3.50 range the other is in the $3.00 range. I have decided on the "quietwalk" underlayment, and am waiting to see if the mfg. will warrant the flooring using this underlayment. Now my question: Has anyone used either of these floors? The ones that I am looking at have the textured finish and one has the V-groove that looks like real wood flooring, both samples that I have are beautiful. They are both thick, with a very hard backing and a green pressed center. The Kronoswiss has an attached pad, the Balta does Not. Please give me any all all experiences with this flooring if you have ever researched it, used it, have it, or installed it. Thanks so much, piggy
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It is best that you go with a manufacturer with a display that displays the good, better, best levels of quality, warranty, and price. And, buy the best product that your budget will allow.

I can share that the major complaint by posters on internet forums who install laminate over concrete are issues that involve improper subfloor preparation, failure to let product acclimate (adjust) to temperature & humidity in rooms where product is to be installed, failure to use vapor retarder over the concrete, failure to leave recommended expansion gap, and failure to use recommended underlayment.

You state that you have done lots of research on laminate products. Pleasure share why you narrowed your selection down to the two products you selected. Also, point out any differences between the two if comparing apples to apples. This information would be helpful to others at DIY who may be shopping for laminate.
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I have seen this SAME response to EVERY laminate question on this board, and Yes I think I am up to approx 181 on the post, covering a few years. Be that as it may, I choose the two laminates for several reasons: Both are made by VERY reputable companies. Both have great warranties. Both have the look I am searching for. My husband is not a stupid person, he can and WILL follow directions as we know that most of the problems with laminate is with the installation process. Also both of these two laminates are in the upper end of their respective lines. There is only a couple online places that carry the Balta and one one that I can find that carries the Kronoswiss. THAT is why I want to know of anyone's experience with THESE floors and where they may have found them. Kronoswiss has been in business approx 60 years. the Balterio company a bit less, but both are very experienced from what I can gather, in the making of laminate flooring. Both have excellent locking mech. of their respective floors. The Balterio has a moisture warranty. one is a 9mm surface and one is a 8 mm surface, one is a AC 4, one is an AC 3, which should work just fine for my master bedroom. Now, all that being said, I sure HOPE someone can come on here and give me some ACTUAL information on THESE products. I appreciate your answer, but It is not what I am looking for. If you have any additional information, please post it. Thank you, p
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Red face

Just want to clarify something: Went back and looked at both the laminates, and each one is rated : AC 4 if it makes any difference to anyone, so our apples are getting closer, lol. P
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I know with the Kronoswiss, you'll be glad in a few years, that it is easier to take a laminate floor up, then it is to put it in.

If both meet your expectations, go for it!

Balta is fairly new. It may infact be another brand, with a private label. Lots of that goes on in the laminate world, as there is only a handful of laminate mills in the world.
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WHY will I be glad if I use Kronoswiss flooring, that it will REMOVE as easy as installed? Please give me a followup. Don't leave me hanging, if you know something please share it with us all It is so hard to find information form people who DO know what they are talking about instead of the week-ender who only does flooring one time in their lives. I need this info to make a decision, not only on the Kronoswiss but the Balta as well. Are you are really not familiar with this flooring? Would any of you do a search to see what you can find out about this company? I have and they seem very reputable to me.

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