How much to tip flooring guys?


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How much to tip flooring guys?

Since I'm paying someone else to lay my flooring for me, I guess this question isn't technically appropriate for a do-it-yourself website , but what would people suggest is a good tip for flooring guys? The job will probably take 2-3 days. What's a decent per day / per worker rate?

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you're wanting to TIP them, on top of PAYING them? i don't think you need to do that....
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Most sites on tipping etiquette have suggested that tipping contractors, like painters, is not necessary. Offering cold drinks and the use of the bathroom is generally considered enough, but one site I saw did suggest tipping at the completion of a job ($50 to contractor, $30 to workers). Just curious what the consensus here was.

Thanks again.
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I may be wrong but unless they go above and beyond the original expectation then I don't feel you need to tip them. Professionals generaly have a labor rate, a supply rate and whatever extras they may include in the overall price. The price they quote you is a WHOLE LOT of the things figured into one final tally. I know this is apples and oranges but think about when you get new tires put on. You are paying for the tires, disposal, balance, valve stems and labor and pay one price.......have you ever tipped the mechanics?? Probably not. If it were a couple od buddies helping you out then food, drink and gas money usually will suffice
With all of tha said......I have received tips from jobs I have done but would NEVER expect that. It is appreciated but often times I tell them to keep the money and to just keep me in mind for future jobs if they are happy with the results. I am not technically a is not a full time job for me....I have another career and do floors as a side income and usually only do friends or acquiantences floors. So maybe a real pro who busts his butt doing this for a career (I envy ANYONE who does installing and refinishing for a carees) like Carpets Done Wright can shed some light on this for you.
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Tipping?? Omg, I never considered that...especially with the prices that were quoted for the job. I'm also interested in the answer to this thread.
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This is the way I see it as a contractor...

If the guy is subcontracting from a store, by all means tip them what ever you feel. They will appreciate it, as they are not bidding the labor directly through you, and are dictated pay, "take it or leave it". "Take the good with the bad" is a common phrase used by retail flooring stores that subcontract labor, as they dictate a one price fits all, price sheet. These guys are really under paid employees!! Way under paid.

Now, if I bid the job and had a contract with you directly, I would take it as a wake up call, that I bid the job way too low. I left money on the table, according to the value of my services. I will be raising my prices on the next bid, after I decline your tip. I do however accept water, cokes, and homemade pastries!
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re: tipping workers

I hear ya that you probably feel the contractor's making all the profit and the guys are doing the grunt work... hopefully they are well compensated if they are reliable/quality workers. I've never tipped any in home service folks
eg repairmen, tile guys, porch builders, etc. HOWEVER, I agree, kindness goes a long way ~ provide good conversation (professional advice- such as I'm a nurse so during allergy season, I get lots of appreciation for advice, allowing use of your bathroom, cold drinks, cookies, a dip in the pool if you have one- I think it'd be too $$, at least for me to pay for the job AND tip a % to the laborers. sorry...
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I was just given an extra $400 last week. Not a tip so much as appreciation for some extras I gave them.
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Arch Stanton: i think the concensus is that, if you have the money to tip, in addition to paying for the labor in the first place, then by all means, tip away. but you're right - this is a DIY website, so the opinions of the DIYers will be that tipping is not necessary (or even possible, usually), but the laborers will tell you that although it's unexpected, it's definitely appreciated. i'd be surprised if you ever get a good idea as to what $ amount or % is appropriate. i'd say, wait & see how good of a job they do. if it's the most spectacular work you've ever seen in your life, tip as much as you can afford. on the other hand, if the work is less than fabulous, you might realize that you'd jumped the gun on this whole tipping issue!!!
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Tipping is usually reserved for those in the client service industry, i.e. barber, waiter/waitress, bartender etc., those who are actually earning less than minimum wage.

For a labourer or someone in the trades who earns a salary (and even benefits), tipping them is not the norm. Why someone would want to give even more money then what was quoted in their estimate is something I cannot understand.

They bid on the job and you pay for the work as quoted. However, I wish could pay less than the quote if the work is unsatisfactory.
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I get pizza and soda occasionally and I tell you that makes me happy. Anything to chase that PB&J sandwich away.
An old lady gave me twenty bucks once. I felt bad and left it on the counter when I left.
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Thanks for the input, everyone. In the end, I did NOT tip. There was, however, a pregnant pause after I gave the contractor the check for the job, and I was wondering whether he was expecting something more. I think it was me just being paranoid...

Anyhow, the floors are in. Finally. They look good (bamboo) but will take some getting used to after living on a concrete subfloor for three months.

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