Laminate Floor Noise - Need Help

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Laminate Floor Noise - Need Help

I recently had a Shaw laminate floor installed in my dining room. I used to have carpet, but I have two large dogs and one of them got very sick one day and chose the dining room floor as his target. Needless to say, the stain wasn't able to be removed, so I decided to replace the floor.

I went to home depot to look for some wood flooring to replace the carpet, but was steered to a laminate floor after discussing my situation with the flooring guy. So, a few weeks later my floor was installed and I was happy with it. However, as soon as my dogs started walking on it, I immediately changed my mind. The noise of their nails on the floor and the hollow sound was very bad. I called home depot and asked if I got the 3 in 1 underlayment. I wasn't sure so I got the invoice and it said 2 in1. They said that with the 3 in 1 this problem would be minimized.

However, no one bothered to explain that to me during the purchase. The guy just said "most people get the 2 in 1 and that should be fine for what you need." Now they said it was too late and refused to send the installer out to de-install the floor (it is a click together floor) and lay the new underlayment, even after I offered to pay whatever they felt was a fair price. They said it would compromise the integrity of the floor and against their policy. I contacted the manufacturer and they said it would be no problem to de-install the floor and put in the new underlayment. So now, I either have to do it myself, or buy a new floor.

So, I have a few questions:

1) Should I try to do it myself?

2) If I do it, will it greatly reduce the noise?

3) Should I just eat the loss and buy a real wood floor (probably engineered hardwood)?

Thanks for any help.

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It is not going to matter if it is 2n1 or 3n1, you will hear the exact same noise. It is the nature of the beast with a laminate and some thin engineered hardwood floors that are floating.

Your expectations are not being met, and now you are trying to find a way for them to take it back and not charge you for it, right? Your doing your research now after the concerns, and not before you made the purchase.
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Just looking for some advice here.As I mentioned in my original post, I wasn't trying to get them to do something for free or take anything back. My first choice is to keep the floor, but I am more than willing to pay someone to do the work of de-installing and reinstalling the floor. However, they refused to take my money or do the work.

I admit that I am doing my research on the Internet a bit late. I'm no flooring expert, but that's why I consulted with the "expert" at the store. I described what I was looking for to the flooring person in hopes that his expertise would help me make the right decision. My mistake.

So, I was hoping that someone here could help so I don't make another mistake. I thought that's what these forums were for. :

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i installed my own laminate floors and i have two dogs, i used a thin foam underlayment pergo snap together, ( i got it on the internet for half the price of my local lumber store) before my floors squeeked when i walked on them now its quiet. but when the dogs walk on it their nails click loudly and the only thing i can think of for you is to cut their nails.
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IIRC, the only difference between a 2n1 and 3n1 is that the 3n1 has its own tape/flaps for connecting to another sheet of underlayment. A 3n1 and 2n1 therefore will sound exactly the same.

Knowing that a laminate floating floor echoes as you walk on it is the very thing one learns when researching floors.

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